Election Snippet 1: Rotherham East Farce

How peculiar?

Who would believe it?

A few months ago Rothpol cited Zahir Munir (aka Monir) as failing to pass Labour’s tests for being a fitting person to stand as their candidate for Rotherham East.

But one has to give the lad credit for persistence and lack of pride in the pursuit of for power:)…he has been judged decent enough to act as election agent for not one, but two Labour Candidates for Rotherham East: Deborah Fenwick-Green and Wendy Cooksey.

Given the legal and ethical (SIC) responsibilities of election agents this suggests the Party either;

1. Has great confidence in him,

2. Has officials as think as two short planks,

3. Forgot to look further down the election food chain.

Answers please on a email, preferably without threats, to Rik.

Munir (or Monir)is a close friend of that other Labour reject Shakoor Adalat.  He was also reputed to be a very close friend of the very innocent Sojan Bostan. Though he has spent some time denying it, despite numerous photo’s showing the opposite.

It seems barely had the ink dried on the DPP decision to prosecute the Bostan bros, before Munir (or Monir) started to deny all knowledge of Sojan. That is to everyone save Sojan himself.

Two names, it seems can mean two faces. Sojan, nicknamed “ten names,” one for each of his ten bellies, must be beggining to realise than when a little squirt like Zahir can disrespect him, his reputation is truly busted.

Monir/Munirs best denial was when asked why in a photograph he was standing with Sojan Bostan, he stated with a smile that he was confused; he thought a pigeon had dumped on his shoulder.


Is this Zahir Munir with the delightful Sajid Bostan:



3 thoughts on “Election Snippet 1: Rotherham East Farce

  1. Understand Shakoor is contemplating legal action, after being unceremoniously dumped by labour!
    Although he is a veteran of legal action against the Council, I don’t think he has a leg to stand on in this respect, unless that is, he wants all of his past exposed?


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