25 thoughts on “Blowing in the Wind – A Short film about Wind Power by Rotherham Green Party

  1. Oh yes, more of those loevely windfarms in the countryside and on the coast please.
    I just love gouing to the countryside for a nice walk or to the coast and looking out to sea to have that wonderul vista of a wind turbine.
    I love the way that they kill thousands of birds – geese , swans, herons and migratory birds as they fly into thier path.
    I love the way that the likes of Cameron and his Tory friends are making a killing from their investment.s in wind turbines.
    i love so much more about them, especially the problem about storing the energy that they generate when it isn’t needed.



  2. So the answer is blowing in the wind
    I would like the answer to the following true cost of this renewable energy
    1 what is the cost to supply, install, and connect each windmill to the grid
    2 what is the estimated life of these machines
    3,what is the cost of maintenance over there lifespan
    4,what is the cost of land owner lease costs
    5 what is the cost to remove and dispose of at the end of the life
    6 remove the subsidies given and add to gether the total lifetime costs
    7 deduct the true lifetime cost from the income from power produced
    I think then we will find that they run on a negative investment
    That is the only way you can asses the true cost of producing electricity by wind power
    So how sustainable in the long term is producing enough electricity to provide our total needs
    The Green Party do not tell us this because it is not viable like most of their policy,s


    • I think that considering how volatile the energy markets are we need to nationalise this commodity. I think Labour’s shadow chancellor has hinted that if successful at the next election they will do so. Common sense at last!

      As for renewable energy we need to embrace wind, hydro and solar solutions as I feel the nuclear option is too dangerous and outdated.

      As for cost I can only say that this is nothing in comparison to those favoured such as fracking and nuclear.


      • @ L Joseph
        “we need to nationalise this commodity. I think Labour’s shadow chancellor has hinted that if successful at the next election they will do so. …..”

        That statement shows a complete lack of understanding of the power generation market by you and McDonnell.
        The EU wouldn’t allow it on competition grounds and the government couldn’t afford to buy the big six. Just two of the big six – British Gas-owner Centrica and SSE, formerly known as Scottish & Southern Energy – have a combined market value of about £30bn.

        On a more practical level there is a case to be made for controls on prices and costs but that is a debate for another time on another thread.


      • Why didn’t Blair or Brown re-nationalise it and save us from years of being ripped off.
        That’s just one of many things Labour could have done and failed to do, like abolishing the House of Lords or getting a grip on mass immigration. Instead they encouraged it.


  3. But who pays the rebate the working taxpayer
    And you could cover this island in windmills and they could not provide half the power we use and this increases daily nothing we use does not use electricity even a windmill to manufacture uses a large amount of electricity
    So if you need all the creature comforts in life then we have to produce a reliable affordable source of electricity and a lot of it
    So without nuclear or fossil fuel powered stations of the capacity required you will not have enough electricity to run all your necessary can’t do without creature comforts
    It’s not just about getting power it’s getting enough affordable power with the present technology available
    And I am afraid wind and solar and wave just cannot deliver
    And taxing power like we do will just ensure our steel industry will fail and add further pressure on manufacturing and jobs
    The technology is available to burn fossil fuel cleanly
    The Germans have re commissioned coal fired power stations that burn cleanly so why can’t we
    In a word the lack of political will to go tell the EU to go get stuffed
    We are sat on a fast reserve of fuel and a vast reserve of spare man power and a vast resource of unused technology but we are prevented from making our own decisions that’s the truth of it


      • The U.K. System is built on base load supply, with extra demand supplied by gas turbines when required. Renewables can only be a small proportion of our total requirement. As they unreliable wind, sun etc are too variable when peak demand is needed. There is no tech presently which can enables industrial scale storage of energy. Which is required for renewables. that does not leave a lot of options and realistically at the moment gas, nuclear or carbon storage are the options on the table. This is where the greens let themselves down, no vision just pie in the sky, or failed policies that have been tried in the past.


  4. The EU is a problem but I do feel like the shadow chancellor that it must be done whatever the consequences. Personally a good reason to leave is the trade agreement being put through to compensate businesses due to losses connected to government policy.

    On another note it would cost about 30 billion to buy and would pay for itself over ten years.


  5. During the ice age I don’t think they had discovered any energy source other than a fire in a cave
    So ware did the Global warming come from then to melt the ice I think history shows that every few hundred thousand years the world climate changes
    But the big question we must all address is if we want all the modern technically developed every day things like TV,s Fridge Freezers Modern heating systems mobile phone etc etc
    Then we have to use what we have available and affordable to all to generate enough electricity to meet our ever increasing needs and I’m afraid that will include Fossil Fuels and Nuclear technology
    Maybe in 50 years time technology and materials may be available to reverse this but until then a
    I am afraid we are stuck with what we have
    Vast reserves of Coal, and fracked Gas


      • Particularly Tommo when global warming was rebranded to “climate change” due to the parameters of global warming reversing whilst they were pushing out their nonsense. It’s in the same vein that Carbon has been labelled as the enemy too when we exhale carbon are made up of it and it feeds the green stuff. I’m still waiting for Global warming – sorry climate change experts to explain the medieval warm period, afterall there were people around then too so must have been responsible for that as well?


  6. L Joseph
    Of course you won’t you have no proven evidence to back up your claim
    And eventually they proved the world was round


    • Hi Morgan…. You might have been trying to debate with the wrong ones… I watch and listen and sometimes engage such debates all the time….YouTube full of em.. Both good and bad ones…I think it’s not debate they ( religious) people refuse, it’s a refusal to believe athiest’s have the final say in all matters pertaining to life and death….

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    • To Morgan, from a fellow poet…. Have to challenge you on this one Morgan … Simply not correct. Try you tubing John Carson Lennox debating any subject you like…Northern Ireland mathametician , and philosopher of science and thoroughly kind and gracious gentleman who knows his stuff….Many , many more like him if you choose to follow the links…


  7. I think nationalisation is the worst possible solution, but it’s true that EU rules don’t seem to be written in stone when national interests are at stake. Italy subsidises its steel industry by saying it’s in order to make it more environmentally-compatible and sustainable.


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