Labour MP Ian Lavery denies wrongdoing over NUM mortgage

Labour MP Ian Lavery denies wrongdoing over NUM mortgage

Labour’s trade union spokesman Ian Lavery has denied any wrongdoing after BBC Newsnight learned he received a heavily subsidised mortgage.

The mortgage was from the benevolent fund of the National Union of Mineworkers in Northumberland.

Mr Lavery was the general secretary of that union from 1992 to 2010, and also faces questions about redundancy money he received when he left.

He says the mortgage was a “private” matter and denies any impropriety.

In total Ian Lavery faces questions about £250,000 of payments the union’s books suggest he received from the NUM, Northumberland Area during his period there.

Newsnight has established that Mr Lavery received a £72,500 mortgage in 1994 from the union’s benevolent fund repayable at less than half the market interest rate.

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12 thoughts on “Labour MP Ian Lavery denies wrongdoing over NUM mortgage

  1. Unions are registered with rules. Transparency and opening the books to independent audit would resolve this.
    Now objections to this can be: respect for privacy, fear of prison, or some other reason(s). I have my bias on this so may not be objective…


  2. There are three sorts of sleaze:
    (a) Tory sleaze – I line my pockets at someone else’s expense and hammer the poor.
    (b) Labour sleaze – I line my pockets at someone else’s expense and claim not to hammer the poor.
    (c) Sleaze – I line my pockets at someone else’s expense and don’t really care who gets hammered


  3. It must be rife in the NUM. Scargill is supposed to have paid off his mortgage using strike funds during the year long miners strike, what could be worse than that??


  4. Oh dear, as if it couldn’t be any more obvious!

    How apt this is coming out now (by the BBC of all people) just at the time the PM is being hung out to dry by everyone and their mother.

    Hopefully Ian Lavery will kick these allegations in to touch.


    • I think that you will find evidence shows that old slur against Scargill was found to be totally false and retracted as where all other accusations at the time. Government papers recently released show that there was a secret ops campaign to discredit the NUM and Scargill including MI5, MI6 and other government agencies.


      • @ Beatrice Webb; it was found to be false by the lawyers appointed by Scargill to investigate him and we all know lawyers will say whatever people pay them to say! If you want to believe the unadulterated b*****ks about a secret ops campaign, then go ahead. You’re probably one of the tribal voters who will vote ANY Labour candidate in just because they are showing a red rosette and leave us with the corrupt, useless, incompetent imbeciles we have in RMBC Labour group.


  5. Or maybe she just has a different opinion to the lynch mob on here Fletch, but that never enters your head does it….. and for the record you are probably one of the Labour haters who will vote for anyone BUT Labour and leave us with a government like this one !


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