6 thoughts on “Dinnington – Independent Leaflets

  1. The challenge to independents like Dave smith and Jean Hart is chose how much they believe what they say they will do in reality they can never tell us how they will achieve all this sat in the armchair shouting is one thing reality is another just how if they get elected will they achieve all this
    Resurfacing all the roads, putting more police in the area
    Chose how much I admire there good intentions. It just cannot happen the best they can do is hold the ruling group to account by scrutiny and challenge something they will do well at especially if Labour retain control because that’s the week link they just can’t cope or handle robust challenge
    But that said I do wish them well any alternative will be an improvement over Labour


    • There are more than enough police in South Yorkshire to put 60 police officers and 50 civilian staff in Dinnington, that is the fair share Dinnington and Anston should have for their population size. It is time the police did the job they were paid to do and not the job they want to do. I am sure if I go through the statistics for RMBC I will find far to many over paid chiefs in Rotherham, who could be replaced by real workers who are distributed more fairly across the borough. These changes will not happen until Labour are booted out of Rotherham borough.


  2. I know of Mrs Hart, and I know Dave Smith, vote and elect these two to RMBC, and I assure you the ruling Labour Party will be held to account. I also know they will represent the people of Dinnington, not unlike the Labour Candidates, who do as they are told by the Party first, do what`s in their own interest second, and if your really lucky, put the people of Dinnington Third.


  3. Greg Jean and I don’t have the time to sit in our arm chairs she is a very active Dinnington Town councillor and I am a very proactive chairman of the same council. What we don’t get is the backing of our Borough councillors, that is why we are standing. You ask how we can possibly change things, a better question is why are Rotherham Labour council running scared of independent Dinnington Town council? Making every attempt to block us from going ahead with our neighbourhood plan, the first in Rotherham. Accusing me of wanting to take Dinnington out of Rotherham. They seem to have me mixed up with the other Smith who declared UDI. The Labour council in Rotherham is running scared of us now, wait while we get elected.
    Dave Smith


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