Now we know why Shaun Wright fell out with Kevin Barron

I am grateful to have received the minutes of a meeting of Rother Valley Constituency Labour Party, that took place at the time of the labour selection process for a candidate for the first PCC elections.

We now know why Kevin Barron supported Med Hughes, rather than Shaun Wright and the sheer nastiness that Shaun Wright directed to Kevin, through his daughter, as a result.

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Do not forget Shaun Wright’s name when it comes to this years election.

10 thoughts on “Now we know why Shaun Wright fell out with Kevin Barron

  1. …I was expelled from Labour because I opposed Shaun Wright for my own reasons.

    Wright behaved like this with me and others.

    What a sad, sad mess.


  2. So, Cllr Rushforth was happy to gossip to her father, Sir Kevin, about Wright issuing threats, but, according to Sir Kevin, never, ever mentioned the elephant in the room, CSE to him.
    And while Barron was close enough to the former Chief Constable of South Yorks to support his bid for Crime Commissioner, it seems, he never brought it up either.
    Finally, when Sir Kevin finally brought CSE to the attention of SYP, he accepted being fobbed off by. Rotherham Bobby, despite allegedly having the Chief Constable on speed-dial.
    All very curious, but I do of course have complete faith in Sir Kevin’s integrity and look forward to seeing him on my doorstep, when he will doubtless be eager to explain the lack of inter-family communication, his own lack of curiosity and why he decided a more forceful approach to SYP wasn’t appropriate


  3. Shaun Wright was asked if he knew anything about the organization Common Purpose.
    He denied any such knowledge.
    The issue persisted, with the solicitor intervening and wanting to know why the question was asked.
    The reason was not given- it does not have to be.
    Shaun Wright then again denied any knowledge.
    Having received two denials, Shaun Wright was unable to explain why he had signed off tens of thousands of pounds to Common Purpose at the behest of Sonia Sharp.
    ( Later, when Sonia Sharp crossed the fence, local Common Purpose business boomed. )


  4. Sheffield Hallam University were running Common Purpose courses, a few years ago, which cost (at the time) over 4 times the yearly undergraduate fee, but for a course that lasted just two or three weeks. You could not apply to go on the course, and when I asked about it, I was ignored.


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