Swinton Labour Subterfuge

I am grateful to my supplier of this information. Strange, but labour never leaflet me? Can’t think why?

Not a single word about the ‘Elephant in the room’, child sexual exploitation! If they won’t acknowledge the problem, there is no chance of improvement on that front if these three labour candidates are elected?

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7 thoughts on “Swinton Labour Subterfuge

    • As I recall Contact Creator had information on it to say who was a postal voter so we didn’t try and give them a lift to the polling station to vote as normal.

      I can’t think of any other reason.

      My memory on this matter is a little hazy, I must admit.


  1. Can’t see any mention of why Wyatt kept quiet for over 10 Years when he attended the seminar that Jay said that can’t say they did not know


  2. Same old rubbish, how many lies can you get in one leaflet. About the postal votes all candidates are entitled to the list, but only the parties have the organisation big enough to get out personal letters to them.
    Dave Smith


  3. Not in our name.

    They failed our communities and families for over 20 years on cse child sexploitation. They covered it up on an industrial scale.

    But let’s not mention it.


  4. I am really busy but I feel I have to say something. Some people have NO shame this is not the Labour Party I was raised up on


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