Election Snippet 3: UKIP, Ego overloaded and policy light

UKIP are spinning that they are selective and very choosy about who they will let stand for the Council under their banner.

This is of course rubbish, a bit of propaganda put around to cover their only having 41 candidates for the 63 seats up for grabs.  NO party that seriously puts itself forward as one of power, can have credibility when only contesting 2/3rds of the available posts.

So why are they failing to grow the activist base in their Rotherham powerhouse?

Much of the blame has to reside with their most prominent politician Caven Vines

Caven is infamous for promoting his own ego at the expense of others, even his fellow UKIP members. His judgement is also notoriously dodgy, as is his engaging mouth before brain.

For example, you may have viewed with sympathy his ongoing libel battle with the three MP. But whichever way you look at it, it has seriously drained both his time, energy and yes his credibility.

Nowadays he drops reconciliatory comments, even a little praise for Sarah Champion MP.  Sarah, a relatively recent Rotherham arrival who on landing here was provably without any CSE baggage. Someone who has since done more than any other politician to expose perpetrators and help victims.

His stupidity in saying she knew more about CSE than she was letting on cannot be understated, in making him and UKIP look silly in the eyes of all but the most blinkered UKIP supporter.

When Caven should have been building the party locally he has instead been arguing with fellow UKIP members and with the justice system.

He gets away with much. The anger of most UKIP voters with the Labour/Tory establishment, and with immigrants means they don’t ask much of UKIP by way of policies.

However surely UKIP supporters are confused by his hypocrisy in attacking one of the few policies where the Council at last appear to be cracking down on corruption and seeking to clean up our local sink districts.

The registration of private landlord’s programme is aimed at reducing drugs dealing, racketeer landlordism, slave labour, prostitution and Child Sexual Exploitation. Walk around Eastwood and you’ll see why we need it.

Caven is now saying that the Council are being too draconian, too broad in their requirements for all Landlords in certain Wards to register themselves and their properties. I always thought draconian action was what his electorate wanted?

No. Instead he wants it watering down, so that only the baddies have to register. He fails to identify how we will know the goodies from the baddies, other presumably than registering them after they have committed offences. Also who will pay for his proposal, presumably the baddies themselves? That is people who specialise in being unidentifiable?

So is this pure ineptitude or is he seeking the Landlord, that is Kashmiri, vote? Whatever, if they think about it I don’t see his traditional voters liking it.

Caven, tough on crime? Hell no. Tough on selling out to get a few extra votes?  Hell yes.

Jake Martinson

19 thoughts on “Election Snippet 3: UKIP, Ego overloaded and policy light

  1. Sadly UKIP have very few people willing to stand however why would you want to associate yourself with someone like CV who seems to be a car crash in motion. Most UKIP members seem to spend most of their time explaining or apologising for his ill thought out remarks


  2. Spot on, Jake. It’s said the Labour Group are delighted every time Caven opens his mouth – he wins them another 1000 votes!

    Of course, Labour in Rotherham should have been hammered into oblivion last year after the fiasco over CSE and the continuance of an old guard who know nothing else but how to sit on the gravy train at RMBC. The reason they weren’t is the lack of vision, leadership and competence by the leadership of UKIP and the incredibly poor organisation of their campaign.

    Agitating people at the end of a campaign in the hope they will get angry and go and vote is no good. UKIP lack a serious Get Out The Vote strategy (other than riding round in a crappy looking beat up car), something Labour – to its credit – does have and does very well. They know exactly who their supporters are and they get them out on polling day. Until an effective and organised opposition turns up in Rotherham I expect they’ll continue to do the same.

    Maybe it’s time for some younger UKIP members to step up to the plate…


    • Labour know exactly who their supporters are and they get them out on polling day, are you referring to the block Kashmiri vote? I’ve just received Labour’s election leaflet for Rotherham West. The timing was so opportune, I’d just run out of toilet paper.


      • Lol! It’s the case that they get them out across the borough. That’s why UKIP couldn’t sweep the board last year after the worse scandal in the town’s history.


  3. Here we go Labour activists can’t get the ball so go for the man with untruths and a total spin on their twisted verbil crap usually a sign of fear
    This guy appears to know more about my court case than I do when did I ever refer to Sarah Champion in this action
    but please carry on guesstimating nice to see I am so popular with Labour Activists


    • Hi Caven, I cannot speak for the other person but I have no allegiances however I am partial to the Green Party. My only complaint with UKIP and some Independents is they offer no solutions only Blame. If we could get some sensible alternatives maybe things might be different.


    • Also Caven. Be specific, where are the lies..?

      You are a politician, and should be able to refute challenges intelligently, and humbly aknowledge that the people have a right to challenge you.

      This infamy, infamy they’ve all got it infamy act isn’t good enough. Tell us your policy and identify the lies.

      You’re UKIP’s local party leader, act with dignity and honesty.



  4. This piece is written in an attempt to stop people voting for UKIP …. A similar piece written by myself trying to stop people voting Labour would go …. Labour in Rotherham are putting up for election some members that were part of a council labelled UNFIT FOR PURPOSE …says it all really .. and not nearly as many words needed.


  5. Not sure if it is by accident or design that UKIP have not put up three candidates in each ward. Labour have done so and in consequence could find the voters’ having three votes actually works agains them.

    Three votes shared between three candidates only works for Labour if every one of their usual supporters votes for three Labour candidates. However, in all out elections voters having the ability to perm three out of, say, seven or eight might mean that they cast one protest vote for a single UKIPer and then share out their other two amongst the three Labour candidates. Do the arithmetic and you will see that UKIP or indeed any other opposition candidate could be elected with a much smaller vote share than in a normal single candidate election.


  6. A very telling word in the title is ego. Whilst I note that the Valley ward UKIP candidates are happy to share the same leaflet, in Rawmarsh only Caven Vines’ name appears. In fact, it urges people to “Give Caven Vines one of your votes” with no mention of his fellow candidate. A banner is also on display at the top of Rawmarsh Hill emblazoned with “Vote Caven Vines”. I wonder what is the reason behind all this?


  7. Jake Martinson,
    My understanding is that it is factually incorrect that Caven has ” his ongoing libel battle with the three MP.”.
    Only Jane Collins MEP is in that position.


  8. Jake
    I have always said Landlord Licencing to be fair to all tenants should be borough wide including the Council it’s self and housing associations not just cherry pick individual area,s protect some but leave many with no protection then not enforce any so that’s lie No 1
    And I have never mentioned Sarah Champion in any of my Court action lie No 2
    So please get your facts right first


  9. Pythagoras
    My leaflet set out as a news letter and was added to include the election very early before our other candidate had been selected and the banner was used in 2014 election when I was the only UKIP Candidate
    Does that satisfy your curiosity


  10. A very nicely written peice.

    Enjoyable read.

    After all I have seen with UKIP locally, they won’t be getting my vote – even here, the Man himself (Caven) has replied to this article with insults and attacks towards the writer.

    You have their candidates saying they won’t be helping people whom hold different views to themselves as seen in another post on this site.

    I am very scared of UKIP gaining power as they are incompetent, bigoted and worst of all, incompetent.

    They want to cut taxes in Rotherham as my daughter read as she got a UKIP leaflet throw the mail.

    She does not understand how they are going to fund that, without of course cutting Marie of our services.

    Scary times ahead indeed – why would anyone vote for further reduction in our services I’ll never know, mind the fact that the cuts would be made by people who say they would ignore people with different views to themselves.


    • Just a reminder, there are no less than four Independent candidates for Maltby Ward this year, and any one of them would make an excellent Councillor without having to tow a party line. It is time for a change, I know who I’m voting for 🙂


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