4 thoughts on “More questions Anston & Woodsetts related

  1. Young Labour is not Labour but part of the party for young people however you have to be a paid up member of the party to join. I think someone needs to get their facts right.


  2. Surely if Lauren Astbury was a first class Councillor she would have stood in Hellaby ward where she is known and all her hard work would have been appreciated . Or maybe she isn’t a good Councillor and she thinks if no one knows me I could sneak in


  3. On the leaflet it says Anston (and woodsetts) have issues. What issues ?. Have not Labour been the majority Party in Anston and woodsetts for years, therefore any “issues” are of their own making, or they failed to sort them out in the past.
    another own goal, vote Labour, get nowt.


  4. Not a Labour supporter, however Young Labour is an organisation within the Labour party and you have to be a paying member to join. There are so many worth while criticisms out there to talk about and I hardly think that a candidate’s full name is important. On the screenshots you have provided it seems as if Katherine is using a second surname on her username, but not as the name stated on her Twitter profile. I’m all for scrutinising local politicians when there is something relevant to talk about.


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