22 in Labour rout as it cuts ties with Rotherham’s past

22 in Labour rout as it cuts ties with Rotherham’s past

TROUBLED Rotherham Council is aiming for a fresh start as Labour sift through their local election candidate list – ditching those with links to previous regimes.

Government commissioners intervened to help run the authority in 2014 after it was found to have failed young victims of a wide-spread sexual abuse scandal.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/22-in-labour-rout-as-it-cuts-ties-with-rotherham-s-past-1-7870786

22 thoughts on “22 in Labour rout as it cuts ties with Rotherham’s past

  1. Really cutting ties with past then how come Ellis, Wyatt, Mcneeley, Russel, Rushforth, all got through the net
    And Hoddinott, Beck,unfit for purpose all got through the net
    But then just look at who’s constituency they are in
    No change there or dropping links with past now how’s that going to convince people they have changed


  2. Thanks to a recent publication, we now know a lot more about the true nature of the 2005 Seminar.
    This leads to the inescapable conclusion, that the version put out by Peter Thirlwall, in defence of Sue Ellis is plain wrong and was every bit as ‘hard hitting’, as Prof Jay stated in her report.
    Were they not there for the seminar? Perhaps only entering at the last minute, just as Peter described others as doing?


  3. If what’s in the publication is true that could be interesting in May them that attended sat with and on the same side as the whistle blower who knew they knew and kept quiet interesting position to find ones self in do you work with them or do you denounce them it will be interesting to see how that Pans out now won’t that be interesting


    • Alan Atkin continues to expand (his council role) as the Chair of Planning. Amongst other things. I’d say he’s got his finger in loads of pies but he probably ate them all.


      • Atkins is The same cllr who is vice chair of fire authority and made obscene payments to senior officers to scab against the FBU and our fire fighters.
        Blairite or tory cllr.


      • I see the pressure on the current Chair of the Fire Authority continues over the weekend. It’s almost as if someone’s plotting behind the scenes to take over the twelve and a half grand allowance that the role has. 😉


  4. ” ditching those with links to previous regimes.”
    Pure unadulterated bovine excrement.

    ‘Greg’ hits the nail on the head, how did the councillors he named ‘slip through the net’?
    Not forgetting Darren the Defector, he’s managed to wriggle through as well.
    We surely didn’t expect the Supreme Leader’s bedmate to get the chop as well did we?

    This isn’t just Labour spin, it’s terminological inexactitudes to the nth degree.


  5. All this stuff reminds me of that soul piercing song of Johnny Cash…”You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time but sooner or later da de da da da.


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