With a little help from his ‘friends’?

Barry Dodson, the Ex-Labour Councillor, Ex-Mayor (for three weeks) and currently a non-party member, is standing for the Council as an Independent for Rotherham East Ward.

Normally in cases where they stand against official Labour candidates, their vote is likely to be derisory and simply results in embarrassment for them.

Barry Dodson though is confident of victory, why?

Might it have something to do with the shenanigans in East Ward Labour Party? Shakoor Adalat, the then Labour candidate was forced out, under mysterious circumstances, by the Labour Party and replaced by Wendy Cooksey at the last minute.

Shakoor’s ambitions thwarted, there is now some evidence of an organised boycott of at least one of Labour’s candidates, Wendy Cooksey! Additionally Barry Dodson will benefit from this, as Labour Party members and ex-labour members are transferring their support and therefore votes, to Barry!

Barry has the benefit of some years experience of the workings of the ‘corrupt shit tip’ that is Rotherham Borough Council, maybe he is using his contacts to remind them of what he knows as a way of ensuring help from labour’s ‘get out the vote’ team, usually organised by Sajid Bostan?

This election for East Ward will be one of the more interesting contests for observers and the most problematic for Labour? We shall see!

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7 thoughts on “With a little help from his ‘friends’?

  1. It is common knowledge there are a few ‘teddies being thrown out of prams’ in a significant part of the labour membership in Rotherham. The boycott extends much further than yet exposed.
    Look at West, Sitwell and Valley Wards, especially the latter, there is an important story here which shows just how divided the labour party actually is in Rotherham. Go to it!


  2. It is well known that there is a lot of Labour members and supporters who are sitting on their hands as they have no confidence in the Labour candidates for council and their MPs.

    They are embarrassed over their inaction and coverup over cse grooming and also embracing tory policies.


    • @Real labour
      ‘Labour members and supporters who are sitting on their hands’
      Unless you’re supporting the candidates in Anston & Woodsetts.

      Disgraced former part time councillor Dalton and her sidekick ‘I know nothing’ Burton can be seen hoofing it in my local area urging the less knowledgeable/couldn’t care less of their supporters to practice writing their signatures on polling day.
      Not forgetting Sir Kev’s ‘enthusiastic'(?) guff about “I have no doubt that they will continue the good work of Labour councillors in this area”.

      Does this mean I will be represented by councillors who do not declare interests in a gangs and grooming company and another who pretends CSE does not exist?
      Oh goody.


  3. @Real labour
    ” Labour members and supporters who are sitting on their hands”

    Unless you live in the Anston & Woodsetts ward.
    Disgraced former part time councillor Dalton accompanied by ‘I know nothing’ Burton are banging the drum for Labour encouraging their less knowledgeable and couldn’t care less supporters to practice writing their signatures for Labour candidates in May.
    Sir Kev’s ‘enthusiastic’ message in support of Anston & Woodsetts Labour wannabe’s fails to mention why the CLP selected ‘new’ (To Anston & Woodsetts) candidates.
    “Failure” and “Disgrace” are the new success in today’s Labour party.


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