Rotherham abuse gang appeal against convictions and sentences

Rotherham abuse gang appeal against convictions and sentences

Four members of a Rotherham child grooming gang – including two brothers – have launched appeals against their convictions.

Arshid and Basharat Hussain, along with their uncle Qurban Ali and fellow defendant Karen MacGregor, are hoping to get their convictions overturned at the Court of Appeal.

The Hussain brothers and Ali are also appealing against the length of their prison sentences in the hope of getting the terms reduced.

A spokesman for the Judicial Office said the group have made applications for permission to appeal their sentences, which if granted could eventually lead to hearings at the Court of Appeal.

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7 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse gang appeal against convictions and sentences

  1. Anon, who are you kidding, we, the tax payer are paying. They should be refused leave to appeal, however we can only hope the Court of Appeal extends their sentences and add a deportation order at the end of it for if they survive. Let’s hope they don’t survive and die in prison where they belong.


  2. Why are we even talking about money when these perpetrators have the audacity to Appeal. Prison is too good for them. If I had my way, they would be castrated. The word castration appears in the Dictionary and the definition is ‘to remove the testicles from a male animal’ They are animals. Some people may think this is barbaric, but not as barbaric as the pain and cruelty they inflicted on those young girls. Don’t worry though you Asian perpetrators, it will never happen. We might be looked on as racists and that would never do. Just for the record, I am not racist.


    • Now that the appeals have been lodged, we enter another period that resembles a legal minefield!
      I will try and navigate us through it with the co-operation of commenters, Rik.


  3. I don’t hear Barbara McNeely condemning the Labour Councillors who knew for 10 years which she was praising in the Advertiser recently Labour Hypocrisy at its best


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