What’s the Big News in Halifax today?

What’s the Big News in Halifax today?

Is it the major grooming trial that’s now been proceeding for three days?


Well no, something of far more importance – a new Poundland is opening in the town apparently


Good to see the local rag’s got its priorities right.

And the BBC can always be relied on when it comes to community cohesion damage limitation, aka censorship.


2 thoughts on “What’s the Big News in Halifax today?

  1. Would seem to rule out any potential merger between South Yorks Police and West Yorks Police. Too many common failings around tackling child sexual exploitation.
    Noticeable that David Crompton came from West Yorkshire (former ACC and DCC) as do a number of other members of the South Yorks Police leadership team.
    Am I the only person who wonders if surrounding yourself with colleagues from the old force is unhealthy and results in group-think?


  2. OK well the grooming trial, reportedly as a result of the largest investigation yet undertaken, continues to proceed – Leeds Crown Court(12).

    But apparently it continues to be unworthy of even the slightest mention.

    Whereas last week the Big News was the opening of a new Poundland in Halifax, today’s it’s the closure and re-location of the main Post Office, weighty matters to be sure.

    It’s all a bit totalitarian really


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