New police chief investigated for misconduct

New South Yorkshire Police chief recently investigated

The new Acting Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police has been appointed despite being investigated over her conduct with another force.

Dawn Copley was one of several senior officers at Greater Manchester Police accused of “corrupt practice” by another officer who was later sacked.

Kent Police investigated the claim.

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South Yorkshire’s Chief Constable David Crompton, who is suspended, previously said he had taken “appropriate advice” ahead of her appointment in October.

The force has been approached for comment.

While Assistant Chief Constable at Greater Manchester Police, Ms Copley was in charge of the force’s professional standards branch.

The branch was investigating Chief Inspector John Buttress over alleged mortgage fraud.

A criminal case against Ch Insp Buttress was thrown out in 20 minutes, but the force pursued a case of gross misconduct against him and he was eventually sacked.

New police chief investigated for misconduct

THE temporary South Yorkshire Police (SYP) chief constable brought in to replace under fire David Crompton has been investigated by her former force for misconduct allegations.

Dawn Copley was appointed yesterday by Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings after he suspended Mr Crompton due to his handling of the Hillsborough inquest.

Mrs Copley joined SYP in September as Deputy Chief Constable and had previously been Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Assistant Chief Constable since 2010 where she was also responsible for GMP’s professional standards branch

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New South Yorkshire Police chief investigated for misconduct

The new temporary chief constable of South Yorkshire Police has been investigated by her former force for misconduct allegations.

Dawn Copley was appointed as temporary chief constable for South Yorkshire Police on Wednesday following the immediate suspension of David Crompton over his handling of the force’s approach to the Hillsborough inquests and its response to the verdict that 96 Liverpool supporters were unlawfully killed.

But it has now emerged Ms Copley has been under investigation following a ‘number of allegations’ against her.

Greater Manchester Police has said an independent investigation into the allegations has now concluded – but has not revealed the nature of the complaints or the findings of the investigation.

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3 thoughts on “New police chief investigated for misconduct

  1. Come on then Mr Billings – what were the allegations of “misconduct” by the new temporary Chief Constable and what was contained in the report ? Transparency is required in the senior management of SYP to stop the “erosion of public confidence.


  2. Well, we know Greater Manchester Police have been covering up industrial scale gang rape, Margaret Oliver resigned in protest. But I am sure Ms Copley has “learned her lessons” from the exposé of the cover up on her watch, just like all the other enablers and protectors still in highly paid jobs.


  3. Just heard on Radio 2 that Ms Copley has stood down as Temp Chief Constable and returned to her “substantive duties”, Nice choice Mr Billings – good judgement there then in your choice !


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