Rotherham abuse survivor’s new battle to raise awareness

Rotherham abuse survivor’s new battle to raise awareness

A CAMPAIGNING child sex abuse survivor has explained why she was keen to play a key role in producing a new video to help spare others from the same fate.

The woman, known only as Jessica, finally achieved justice when her abuser, Arshid Hussain, was jailed for 35 years in February for offences against 12 girls.

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2 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse survivor’s new battle to raise awareness

  1. On tonight’s Question Time Andy Burnham talking about how for so long (27 years) South Yorkshire Police had been covering up what happened at Hillsborough said:-

    ” They have to hold politicians to account on all sides. No politician in my view did the right thing in the early days, no one comes out of this with any great credit.”

    He went on to argue that politicians are/were ultimately responsible for allowing this long cover up of failure by South Yorkshire Police to continue.

    This was followed on This Week by Andrew Neil explicitly comparing the failures of police and politicians regarding the Hillsbrough cover ups and the cover up of Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham for so many years.

    In both cases South Yorkshire’s politicians, from those at the very top of the tree holding office through to councillors seem to have been only too willing to accept the over-worked, and now creaking, line from South Yorkshire Police of “we’ve learned the lessons” at face value and without any scrutiny, or monitoring.

    When if at all and beyond their formulaic press statements did any of South Yorkshire’s politicians feel the slightest concern for the public interest?
    These scandals affecting South Yorkshire Police are not just failures in policing. They are political failures – abysmal and unacceptable failures of leadership by South Yorkshire’s politicians.


  2. “Andrew” the Scouser wasn’t convincing in the “Rotherham Model” context.

    After 30 towns and cities in England(that we know about) have been plagued by the group/gang epidemic and after getting on for 50 “localised grooming” trials political correctness will apparently still not allow realistic warning scenarios to given to potential victims.

    In September 2010 the Serious Organised Crime Agency “launched” the video “My Dangerous Loverboy” – which whilst not exactly hard-hitting did show the way the grooming process works and what it leads to

    “My Dangerous Loverboy is an acclaimed short film, that tells the ‘typical’ story of a young girl (Jade) who falls into being sexually exploited. After being groomed by the handsome ‘Loverboy’ Raz, Jade ends up trafficked and entrapped in a town far away from home.”

    Apart from a small pilot in Sheffield this has never been shown to its intended audience – ie potential victims

    “At the end of 2013, CEOP – now under the aegis of the National Crime Agency, which replaced SOCA released a new film about “sexual exploitation”. This “educational video” shows the principal victim as black and the perpetrators as white, and it shows sexual exploitation happening between school children of the same age ”

    “Easy Meat” – McLoughlin

    AFAIK this doesn’t conform to any pattern of trial cases at all – still less to the predominant group/gang “Rotherham Model”

    McLoughlin noted that the 2013 video “bears even less relationship to the techniques of the grooming gangs than did its the 2009 film, My Dangerous Loverboy”

    This new video above, whilst obviously very worthwhile, is about spotting signs of exploitation AFTER the victim has already been groomed. There is still no attempt to cut off the supply of potential victims to the grooming groups and gangs by making and showing a realistic warning film describing how the grooming process operates. This was well explained in Jayne Senior’s book – page 74/75. This is unsatisfactory to put it mildly.


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