Yorkshire MEP Mike Hookem has today said that the Labour party “is the real nasty party in British politics.”

Yorkshire MEP Mike Hookem has today said that the Labour party “is the real nasty party in British politics.”

The Euro MP spoke out after Labour’s former London mayor Ken Livingstone and MP, Naz Shah were suspended from the party over anti-semitic comments.

Mr Hookem whose region includes towns which suffer from a massive lack of social cohesion and includes places such as Bradford, where riots took place in 2001, said that Labour “needed to rid themselves of this vile anti semitism which seems to run to the very core of their party.”

“To me, it looks as though Naz Shah was rushed through Labour’s vetting process or the party didn’t seem to think her anti semitic comments on social media were a problem.”

“She is also still friends with other Labour politicians known to use the word ‘zio’, a perjorative, racist term used by the KKK and neo´-Nazis about Jews.”

“The fact is, to use such a delicate term as ‘transportation’ in relation to Jewish people is at best insensitive, and at worst, totally inflammatory; as this is the term used during the holocaust, which saw 6 million Jews murdered.”

“For years we in UKIP have had Labour saying we are a racist party, despite the fact we have people of all races and backgrounds in our membership.

“They’ve said this because we have spoken out against uncontrolled immigration and also against some religions or cultures being treated more favourably to avoid, in the words of one former Labour MP, ” rocking the multicultural vote”.

“Yet when you look at the scandal in Rotherham or Rochdale or Birmingham what they all have in common is a Labour administration which relies on the ethnic minority vote to stay in power.

“UKIP believe that everyone in the UK should be governed by UK law and that anti-Semitism has no place in our society.

“Does Labour really think that, or will we find these disgraced politicians being quietly let back in their party after the initial storm has died down as they did in Rotherham?”

Mike Hookem

Mike Hookem MEP – “Union Deal with Government not in best interests of workers”

UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP slams deal, which will see union support for stay campaign in return for Trade Union Bill concessions

Mike Hookem MEP – Press Release

Thursday 21st January 2016

Release: Immediate

UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed a deal between the government and the unions which will see the Trade Union Bill watered down in return for union support of the ‘stay’ campaign; saying, “the unions are supposed to be defenders of UK workers, not the ones selling them down the river in return for political favours.”

Mr Hookem’s comments come after the Daily Telegraph reported that 12 unions were “buying policy” with their support of the stay campaign, in return for “significant” concessions to the Conservative’s flagship policy to overhaul the way the unions fund political parties.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “The whole ethos of the union movement is to protect workers rights, incomes, and futures, but it seems to me like they are more bothered about being allowed to continue to fund the pro-EU Labour party than they are about getting a stronger Britain that would benefit us all.”

“Even Sir Stuart Rose, the head of the stay campaign has admitted that wages would rise if we were to leave the EU.”

“When you consider that by returning a leave vote, we could control EU migration and stopping the cycle of wage compression, especially in the low paid sectors, you would have thought the unions would be pushing for Brexit instead of doing backroom deals.”

“For me, this highlights how scared the remain camp is that they are losing the argument and once again shows there is no political principle that David Cameron is not willing to break in order to secure a stay vote.”

“To be honest, it has been strange how quiet the unions have been on the subject of the referendum up to now and it will be interesting to see how active they become in the weeks remaining before the referendum.”

“And let’s face it if the UK does choose to stay in the EU; and as we progress toward a European superstate, the major unions know that it will be Brussels they will be dealing with rather than an elected UK government which will become more and more marginalised.”


Notes for Editors:

Union bosses accused of ‘buying’ concessions to Trade Union Bill with EU referendum support


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