Call for inquiry into ‘shambles’ of South Yorkshire Police after Hillsborough inquests

Call for inquiry into ‘shambles’ of South Yorkshire Police after Hillsborough inquests

Lawyers acting for the Hillsborough victims’ families have demanded the Home Secretary begin a ‘root and branch’ inquiry into South Yorkshire Police.

Solicitor Elkan Abrahamson called for the force a ‘shambles’ and said a ‘rigorous and continuing examination of its behaviour was needed.

The demand to Theresa May came a day after acting chief constable Dawn Copley, who replaced David Crompton on Wednesday following the inquest findings, offered to step down after it emerged she had previously been the subject of a misconduct investigation.

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Hillsborough: Families want ‘remedial measures’ for South Yorkshire Police

Lawyers for 20 families of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster have asked the home secretary to apply remedial measures to South Yorkshire Police.

Broudie Jackson Canter (BJC) Solicitors said Theresa May should send a team in to examine the force “root and branch”.

The force has been criticised after the Hillsborough inquests concluded the 96 victims were unlawfully killed and there were police failings.

Mrs May said she would help the force “confront the mistakes of the past”.

A statement from BJC said the families were “appalled to see the shambles in South Yorkshire Police” following the conclusion of the Hillsborough inquests on Tuesday and said a team from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) should be sent in to “speak to the rank and file and see what they think is wrong in the force and what needs to be done”.

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“Rotten to the core!”

Andy Burnham

Time now for Alan Billings to consider his position, I would have thought?

3 thoughts on “Call for inquiry into ‘shambles’ of South Yorkshire Police after Hillsborough inquests

  1. ” ‘Scrap it and start over’: the people’s verdict on South Yorkshire police”

    London-based Home Affairs Editor of the Observer comes North for the day.

    ” … Twelve miles north is Barnsley, a town which also harbours a smouldering resentment towards South Yorkshire police. Thirty years ago, up to 12,000 miners worked in the town. Now there are none, but the tactics used by the police to break the miners’ strike of 1984 mean that the force remains a toxic brand.
    The coking plant that once operated at nearby Orgreave was the scene of the defining 1984 battle between striking miners and police. ”

    Orgreave is “nearby” to Barnsley ????????


  2. If SYP were to merge with, i.e. be taken over by, West Yorkshire Police it would in effect merely re-create the old West Riding Constabulary. Savings in administration; a different senior management team and only one Commissioner to pay for

    Sounds like a plan to me!


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