Temporary South Yorkshire chief steps down from post – 24 hours after taking over

Temporary South Yorkshire chief steps down from post – 24 hours after taking over

The temporary South Yorkshire Police chief constable has stepped down from her post tonight – just 24 hours after being handed the role.

South Yorkshire Police has been plunged into further chaos tonight by the departure of Dawn Copley from the temporary chief constable role.

She was put in the post on Wednesday afternoon after David Crompton was suspended with immediate effect over his handling of the Hillsborough inquests and verdicts.

But it emerged today Ms Copley, who responsibilities at South Yorkshire Police included being part of the ‘external enquiries team’ involved with issues relating to Hillsborough, Orgreave and the child sexual exploitation scandal, had been the subject of a misconduct investigation related to her time at Greater Manchester Police.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/temporary-south-yorkshire-chief-steps-down-from-post-24-hours-after-taking-over-1-7883346

South Yorkshire Police chief to stand down over criticism

The officer appointed to stand in as head of South Yorkshire Police is to stand down after facing criticism.

Deputy Chief Constable Dawn Copley will return to her substantive role while another candidate is sought, police and crime commissioner Alan Billings said.

Mrs Copley was made chief after the suspension of David Crompton following the Hillsborough inquests.

She had been investigated over her conduct with another force.

Dr Billings said Mrs Copley did not want “any further negative publicity or criticism to be levelled at the force” and would step down “in the interests of the force and the workforce”.

“Mrs Copley will need to stay in post for a very short period of time to deal with pressing matters but, at her request, this will be for the shortest possible period.”

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-36166000

New South Yorkshire Police crisis: Replacement boss quits on first day amid ‘corrupt practice’ probe

The acting chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, who yesterday replaced David Crompton following the Hillsborough inquest findings, has offered to step down after it emerged her conduct at a previous force was being investigated.

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said Deputy Chief Constable Dawn Copley had “offered to step back to her substantive role” on Thursday night while another candidate was sought.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/new-south-yorkshire-police-crisis-replacement-boss-quits-on-first-day-amid-corrupt-practice-probe-1-7881013

“Rotten to the core,” Andy Burnham

Time now for Alan Billings to consider his position, I would have thought?

10 thoughts on “Temporary South Yorkshire chief steps down from post – 24 hours after taking over

  1. Dr Billings has said that he does not expect David Crompton to return to his job.

    Dr Billings must clarify if he intends to demand the retirement, or resignation of David Crompton.
    A PCC can only suspend a Chief Constable if he intends to demand one, or the other.

    The taxpayers of South Yorkshire are entitled to know which it is and the financial consequences.
    The taxpayers of South Yorkshire do not want to pick up another big bill as a result of gesture politics and Dr Billings failing to follow procedures.


    • I would have thought, Sarah, that enough wrong has been done by Crompton to give grounds for sacking him , for incompetence if nothing else, thereby forfeiting his pension. No doubt, given his salary over the years, he will have enough money squirreled away without taxpayers paying him a large bonus for being rubbish at his job and his lack of perception of the public mood since the Jay Report !


  2. Billings is a Labour stooge so don’t expect honesty and transparency from him.
    He has given Dawn Copley his ‘full support’ after it was revealed she is facing a corruption probe -being conducted by Kent police-which concerns her time at GMP.

    Where do they find these people?


  3. Just what planet does Alan Billings live on?

    “Hey, I’d like to apply for the top Policing job you’ve advertised”
    “Any convictions?”
    “No, but I am being investigated for corruption while in office”
    “Oh, they’re only investigating you? No problem at all, when can you start?”

    Billings is the wrong man in the wrong job. I’m sure he’s a decent bloke, but he seems to view the world through rose tinted glasses and can’t see the bad in people, especially those who work for him. We can only hope that our next PCC is not such a push over and not so easily fooled.


    • Billings suspends Crompton and appoints Copley as his temporary replacement. Then, within 24hrs, she steps down because of ‘allegations.’
      If Billings was unaware of these allegations, he is incompetent. If he was aware of them, why did he appoint her?
      Either way, the man should fall on his sword.
      One further point, given these allegations, who decided Ms Copley was a suitable Deputy Chief Constable of SYP?


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