Anti-Semitism – The Rotherham Link?

Way back in March 2013, Naz Ahmed got himself into difficulty over his own anti-Semitic prejudices, shared by many Rotherham coreligionists, I am told.


This photo, first published on Guido Fawkes’ blog, was taken on the now infamous, for Naz Ahmed, trip to Pakistan.







Yes that is our very own Jahangir Akhtar, Naz Ahmed’s apprentice. Sayeeda Warsi and Mahroof  Hussain were off camera. Guido reported the identity of an alleged terrorist also on the picture, if my memory serves me right? See

7 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism – The Rotherham Link?

  1. And the noble Lord reckons he was stitched because of his support for the Palestinians

    “My case became more critical because I went to Gaza to support Palestinians,” he says to his Pakistani interviewer in Urdu, in a video recording obtained by the Times. “My Jewish friends who own newspapers and TV channels opposed this.” The judge who put him behind bars, Lord Ahmed claims, was appointed to the high court after helping a “Jewish colleague” of Tony Blair’s during “an important case”.

    Sheer paranoid insanity but it seems to have taken a firm hold.

    What is particularly disgusting is that the pandering Quislings in the Appeal Court let him off because of this “exceptional role” bullshit

    According to Mehdi Hasan anti-semitism is rampant in his community – “it’s our dirty little secret”, I suppose by the time he wrote this their dirty big secret – the grooming gangs – had received something of a public airing, and was out in the open to some extent at least.

    Of course Hasan is supposed to be a moderate, whatever that’s supposed to mean

    Scratch the surface and this is what you get, note the ranting, batshit crazed tone of the extracts; my favourite is the last one where he has issues with dog and music lovers in addition to the more predictable targets of his alien sectarian religious insanity.


  2. It shouldnt come as a surprise, that these two groups, Muslims and Jews, are as usual whingeing as the victims of discrimination and the world has done them wrong. Wouldn’t mind if they were the majority in this country, but there actually a minority, with too much clout in our society.

    There both practice segregation and the belittlemeant of other cultures, while espousing their imaginary superiority. Both groups are hypocrites and liars, and should remember this little fact, we are a Chrisitian, western European Culture, who believe in freedom for everyone and free speech.

    The Jews need to get over the fact of what happen in the Second World War , the Russians lost 20 million people, but there not bringing that up every time someone critizse something they do which, we might not like, as anti Russian. Millions of people lost their life’s, fighting for the freedoms we all have today. Many other cultures have suffered, slavery cost millions of Africans lives, the Armenians were brutally treated by the Turks, Chinesse lost many millions, before they liberated themselves. Suffering is not the sole preserve of Jews. For a people, who surpposedly suffered so much, their actions in Isreal againist the other races, aren’t very humanitarian. Hypocrites!!!

    As for the Muslims, they can continue to pretend their morally superior , but dig a little deeper, and we seen them in their true light, backward, bankrupt, culture, nobody wants to live by. Also remember CSE, 1400+ , yeah these people are a loving and respectful of other people’s children.

    The less we hear about these two peoples, the better.


  3. Um…Not sure that Naz Ahmed is the same as Lord Ahmed…..but then I never was much good at continental names.


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