15 thoughts on “The future of Rotherham Debate

  1. “I’m the new leader of the council and I am not responsible for what happened”
    “New blood” and “moving forward”.

    Pass the sick bag Ethel.

    The number of councillors who are back in positions of responsibility is well documented and there is nothing Chris Read says that gives any credence to his claims that Rotherham can and will move forward.
    If Read really believes the guff he spouts then the bigger question is why won’t the commissioners trust him and RMBC to have control of Children’s and Young Peoples Services?
    I wouldn’t trust Read to move furniture.

    Here endeth the lesson.


    • Colin,
      I’ve just finished listening to the broadcast.
      I’m not sure that Read is a man fully capable of “moving Rotherham forward” – it is going to be one heck of a task, Yet I don’t doubt his sincerity or commitment to that objective.

      What however did strike me was the paucity of workable ideas for moving forward from the other candidates, and particularly Caven Vine – whose UKIPparty is the only current alternative Labour in our town.
      In my estimation the one man with any original and potentially workable ideas was Cllr Martyn Parker, ex-UKIP now Indi. He came over really well.


  2. Oh my dear lord!

    The future of Rotherham debate.

    Caven the man who stands for everyone’s rights, you talk about voting in policies “BUT”, you can’t agree to everything which is in there. On the whole you’d still vote in the policy. Based on what?
    Casey report had something to say in regards to, policies, there wasn’t a shortage of policies, but no one checked if they were any good. Caven, I am so sorry for the whole of Rotherham, that they have to put up with an idiot of your calibre. Actually Caven, you remind me of Steven Seagal, when he was good (?) he was good. You are a hindrance and not away forward, nothing more than the usual claptrap.

    Martin Parker, shame on you, do you get all your information from the far right parties.

    One thing for sure is the policy makers in Rotherham are absolutely incompetent,

    So commissioners or no commissioners, shame on the whole council, the future needs vision, you are supposed to be the checks and measures to the policy makers.

    Casey report, no clear leaders.

    66 councilors and they can’t hold one such policy maker to account, shame on all of you 66.

    One such policy Mr Martin (incompetent) Parker, I know all of you voted on, the new licensing policy. Casey said on the whole, was a good policy, but wouldn’t one sexual offence render any such applicant inappropriate. So I ask you mr incompetent, nearly two years on from Jay and over a year from Casey, and not to forget that you are on the licensing board, please feel free to explain further.

    I’ve especially gone out of my way to see the taxi licensing policy, available online, the bits that Casey is referring to actually are the same as other councils, on the whole are national requirements, and yes, to bar anyone who is not trustworthy.
    So as taxi drivers were picked on in the show, and since I have had a gander at the policy.

    The CCTV policy please everyone read, you couldn’t make this sh!t up if you tried.

    The commissioners were sent here to stop you incompetent cllrs from f@@king up, and to pass coherent policies and that you understand. The commissioners have a Protocol (yes available on RMBC website) to push anything through. Commissioners sent here because of Casey report. Commissioners failing on the same point as above, policies stacks of them, are they any good?

    I have been told there was no debate, and they were whipped into voting yes.

    Guess what the same incompetent policy maker, Mr Martin Parker licensing board, he sits with you, I believe he is called Alan Pogorzelec.

    What I can’t believe is the same person Alan, failed the good people of Rotherham pre Jay, and continues unabated till present.

    Mr Martin can I ask you, do taxi drivers licence taxi drivers, or has it been this incompetent fool, and if it was this incompetent fool then what is he still doing there, oh yes sorry he is policy maker.


      • RR.
        Have you actually listened to the radio show, listen to last 15/20 mins a couple of times.

        cllr Martin Parker, states on air, he “wouldn’t let any of his grand children use a taxi”, so where is the “the future of Rotherham”. If that someone is on the licensing board, and talking with such enthusiasm, sorry RR we’re doomed. Real truth is he hasn’t got a clue.

        Please listen to the radio programme first.


  3. Hot spot if you want to insult me and throw around unsolicited tripe
    Then have the balls to do it under your real name and not hide like all cowards do
    But I guess you are a chipped Labour Blinkered diehard like most who have a go at me but havn’t the balls th use their real identity


  4. Commissioner’s Protocol RR.

    http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/downloads/file/2101/commissioner_mary_ney_working_protocol – 11k

    So RR, why has Martin gone to the length to misaligning the real truth. He may be on the licensing board, but the buck stops with the commissioner. Licensing board has not been handed back to Cllr Martin, if he has concerns he should be consulting with the government, but what has he done cheap political points scoring, shame on him.

    Sorry RR.
    Please if you need help with understanding the rest, give us a hint.


    • Hotspot,
      stop ranting.
      Explain what you wish to say in detail, not in shorthand. It clearly is something that matters to you, but quite honestly you are not getting your point across to me.


      • RR, I am going to make it simple for you to understand.

        That our Cllrs, are incompetent, all 66 of them.

        God help us with what is to come.

        Any particular part you don’t understand RR


  5. Cllr Parker was on the radio explaining his comment – he said he wouldn’t feel safe letting his grandchildren using a taxi in Rotherham because so many are now registered outside of Rotherham so they don’t have to comply with the new requirements for a Rotherham registration


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