Guido Fawkes exposes another anti-Semite in Labour’s ranks

Guido Fawkes exposes another anti-Semite from Nottingham:


And another:

and yet another:

See also: Anti-Semitism – The Rotherham Link?

44 thoughts on “Guido Fawkes exposes another anti-Semite in Labour’s ranks

    • Ilyas Aziz and his comrades in the New People’s Party need to read and understand the Equality Act 2010.

      Why does Aziz think that spewing hate filled rants against a particular religious group makes him immune from suspension by the Labour party?

      Corbyn needs to show that suspension also includes a bar on canvassing for and promoting Labour candidates in Thursday’s election, otherwise this is just another Corbyn empty threat.


      • Islamophobia

        An unreasonable stance to adopt?

        “Paula” – Broken and Betrayed

        Groomed in the traditional “Asian” fashion her abuser suddenly decides he wants a “special relationship” with her. So because of her previous “dirty ways” consequent on him and his friends having drugged, raped and pimped her they decide she has to convert to Islam.

        “She was taken to a mosque stripped and bathed by half a dozen men. She was told that she must cover her hair and face and must not smoke, drink or listen to music. However Dawid deemed that it was ok for her to have anal sex with him and his friends”

        Some time after this Jayne met “Paula” in the street – in full Muslim garb pushing a pram.
        Asked how she was now “Paula” confirmed that she was still in a “relationship” with Dawid.

        “How does he treat you?”

        “It’s fine ….as long as I’m a good Muslim and I do what’s right, he respects me then”.

        Lovely, that’s a particularly horrible form of colonisation in all truth.

        And we are after all getting on for 50 “localised grooming” trials in respect of offences committed in 30 towns and cities in England. This of course is absolutely the tip of the iceberg

        The terror is threat is severe now.

        Experience teaches, and no experience has been harder or crueller than this

        “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future,” said the archbishop. “I lost my diocese. The physical setting of my apostolate has been occupied by Islamic radicals who want us converted or dead. But my community is still alive.”

        “Please, try to understand us,” he said. “Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims.”

        “Also, you are in danger,” said the archbishop. “You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles.”

        “You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal,” said Archbishop Nona. “Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”

        As for Khan in London the unanswered questions are now pretty well documented.

        Jews are often said to be the canary in the mine, but the Rotherham victims and the multitude of others have gained that highly dubious distinction in England.


        • I wasn’t discussing whether Islamophobia or anti semitism are unreasonable, merely observing they are roughly parallel concepts. Nazi anti semitism was racially based but medieval anti semitism was religiously based. And anti Muslim bigotry is also sometimes racially and at other times religiously motivated.
          I prefer the term anti Muslim bigotry to Islamophobia myself as there is nothing wrong with criticism of a religion. However I don’t see how one can deny that, say, the murder of Mushin Ahmed was a case of anti Muslim bigotry.
          My own stance is that if someone follows the religion of Saladin, protector of widows and orphans, they are my brother and my friend. If they follow the religion of ISIS they are my enemy to the death.


  1. This is all complete nonsense, trumped-up tripe that is now part of the British problem called ” political correctness “.

    What is said by Aziz and by Livingstone is completely ttue.
    Anyone who knows the history of the establishment of Israel, the Rothschilds, and the Balfour declaration knows this to be true. Jews and muslims lived together in Palestine peacefully until the establishment of Israel, which is a concoctated state, itself based upon what many would call a racist policy.
    The is a fundamantal difference between Jews and Zionists – whist all Zionists are Jews , not all Jews are Zionists. Orthodox Jews believe the state of Israel is an abomination – in direct contravention of the contents of the Torah.

    The Zionists use the label of “anti-semitic” in order to close down debate and criticism of the state of Israel, and they use their wealth and political influence to achieve it, as this nonsense illuestrates.


    • “Israel, which is a concoctated state,….”
      Belgium is a ‘concocted state’. Are you promoting anti Belgian rants as well?


      • Have all these anti-Semites suddenly appeared or where they there before, when the Blairites were in power, and therefore a useful sources of block votes. Is there not one Jew with Anti Muslim sentiments in Britian or are they all sheep, following the good Multi-cultural, love everyone, despite there race, culture or religion, non discriminatory people?

        Something stinks here!!!


      • Belgium has nothing to do with the issue whatsoever.
        it was never a concocted state. It was formed FROM a concocted state by revolution of the inhabitants who did not wish to be part of the concoctaed state that was imposed upon them.
        Furthermore, it was created from within, by its inhabitants, and not by the influence of external International bankers.


  2. Quite amusing Guido cartoon

    “Maybe it’s because I’m a Palestinian that I love Pales-town”

    What is it about these lefty freaks that they cry a river over Palestine(
    over which Britain has not little or no influence since the unceremonious withdrawal 70 yrs ago) but they don’t give a rat’s about the horrible things done to our own people in Rotherham et al?

    “The problem with child abuse, for someone like Corbyn, is that it dosen’t slot neatly into a hard left paradigm. The various child abuse scandals raise some uncomfortable issues for the left.

    One is whether some left-wing politicians and local authorities put identity politics – gay rights, multiculturalism – above the protection of children; evidence from Islington in the 1980s to the recent child exploitation scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham suggests pretty conclusively that they did.

    Another is the failure of left-wing councils and trade unions to support whistleblowers in scandals involving the public sector – something shockingly evident in Islington, and later in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the sexual health workers and youth workers who tried to expose what was going on were ignored, derided and bullied into silence. Honest politicians on the left will acknowledge and face up to these issues, and think about how we can do things differently in the future; not ignore them.”

    If white British men were going round grooming, raping, torturing, trafficking, pimping and prostituting very young girls of immigrant heritage in groups and on an epidemic scale we can safely say that the Labour lefties and liberals generally would be going berserk.

    But if it’s our girls then it’s quite obvious they just don’t care – of course it would probably be fair to say they wouldn’t see the victims as “our girls”. I recall that Dan Hodges of Hope not Hate backing the #bringbackourgirls campaign for the Boko Haram but you could never see him regarding the Rotherham victims in this light.

    It is a strange, warped mentality – and a good discussion point

    AFAIK the Bradford councillor who posted “The Eternal Jew” film hasn’t been suspended

    Maybe Labour don’t want to push it further in such a large Muslim colony. But they have certainly made themselves the mother of all Faustian bargains, they might get away with it though- the Devil might turn his nose up at their rotten souls.


  3. .”….. left-wing politicians and local authorities put identity politics – gay rights, multiculturalism – above the protection of children”

    Of course they do.
    Only ethnic minorities and any other minority group can be victims in the left-wing dogma.
    If you buy into cultural relativism, which they do, the left have major issues when these groups act oaccording to their cultural norms, which results in inconsistencies in policy.
    If one has a belief, a dogma, whcih one holds to be true, then any facts which contradict that belief have to be ignored or discarded. That is what happened in Rotherham and elsewhere.
    The dogma dictates the policy, and the dogma is not reformable.
    It’s pretty obvious.


    • But if the left has all these problems with these minority groups, surely the right, has the same problems too. All of these problems, which have suddenly appeared, where around for ages. Remember, we’ve had a right wing government in power since 2010, did they not know about the horrendous child abuse of innocent little white girls, by the Pakistani grooming gangs and what did they do to stop it?


      • “Remember, we’ve had a right wing government in power since 2010, did they not know about the horrendous child abuse of innocent little white girls, by the Pakistani grooming gangs and what did they do to stop it?”

        They’ve not done anything like enough but they have been a big improvement on the previous regime.

        According to Senior’s book it was only because Michael Gove insisted upon it that the Serious Case Review into Laura Wilson’s grooming and murder saw the light of day; it had been very heavily redacted and the council wanted it to disappear altogether. I very much doubt that a Labour minister would have done as Gove did.

        According to the Times(noted in”Easy Meat”(McLoughlin)) the government was contemptuous of the Sue Berelowitz(Deputy Children’s Commissioner) report which downplayed Rotherham model grooming

        Daily Mail report

        “Senior Whitehall figures have branded the report ‘hysterical’ and ‘highly emotional’.
        Last night a Government source said it was ‘difficult to overstate the contempt’ with which ministers viewed the report’s conclusions”

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        The criticism that can be levelled against government ministers is that they were prepared to leak against Berelowitz but not to openly condemn what she had to say.

        There’s an example quoted in the Drew Report where a Tory government minister wrote acidly about the failure of the local authority in one of the cases, but here again this wasn’t made public.

        It is fair to point out that the number of grooming gang prosecutions has increased very markedly since 2010, if Labour was still in office I reckon they would have continued to bury it.

        Would there now be an Operation Stovewood if Labour was in power? highly doubtful – though the progress in prosecuting negligent, colluding and corrupt public officials is extremely disappointing up to now.

        It must be the case however that whoever is in government in Westminster in Whitehall and in the regions there exists a permafrost layer of lefty politically correct apparatchiks(like Berelowitz who accused Norfolk of pandering to the far right) who have long become accustomed to turn a blind eye – that must be a serious impediment to making real progress. The social worker who wrote the following is a prime example

        “There are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships. Great care will be taken in drafting . . . this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided.”

        These kind of people and these kind of attitudes infest the public services

        Overall the government since 2010 might merit a score of 3 or 4 out of ten, they deserve to be marked down on lack of courage and openness, but that’s a lot better than zero or a big minus score


  4. Hypocrites!

    The lot of you, don’t care about what political persuasion you are, don’t care about what colour or creed you are.

    What ever happened to free speech, or is it free speech until you are antisemite.

    What does the UN charter say in regards to human rights, especially on the case of discrimination on religious grounds.

    What protection is there for the rest of the religions.

    I ask you once again “what about free speech”.

    “Let’s say at the end of the 1800’s to the early 1900’s, we as a nation were viewing the expulsion of Jews for here”. Which camp does this statement fall into, free speech, truth or antisemitism.

    Let’s say that everyone (including every citizen on earth) conforms, to the UN charter of human rights, where does that leave the zionists and their goals.

    Free speech my A…e


  5. ” the influence of external International bankers.”
    Complete tosh and a statement which lacks credible evidence.


    • Maybe you should research the Balfour Declaration and also do some research into the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and have a close look at how the rich Zionist lobby has influenced American and British foreign policy.
      To croak forth “tosh” and state that it lacks credible evidence simply demonstrates your own ignorance of historical facts and lack of contemporary resaearch.
      As an aside , I assume that since you think Belgium is not a “proper counrty” but a “concoctaed state” that you are a victim of one of Nigel Farage’s European Parliament rants, to quote your own terminology.


      • I do not intend to derail this thread trying to argue with someone who has rigid ideas and theories about a ‘rich Zionist lobby’.
        Insult me all you like, you will never convince me you are right and everyone else is wrong.


      • I’m surprised that you didn’t include the Bank of International Settlements in your tirade; most nutters do.


  6. @Parsonage….totally agree that more has been done recently, but not enough. Why hasn’t there been a countrywide investigation into CSE and also the the role of local aurthories. There has been a recent case, where the Police believe a 5 year old was a victim and once again, the Council tried to keep it quiet, it was a Conservative administration.

    Yes the Left has a lot to answer for and hopefully enough people are seeing them in there true light, but until we have a national enquiry, things will continue to move at a slow pace and more children will be become victims.


    • “Why hasn’t there been a countrywide investigation into CSE and also the the role of local aurthories.”

      That’s absolutely right – there should have been by now a specific enquiry into all facets of the Rotherham Model grooming epidemic, a lawyer involved in the 2012 Rochdale 3rd trial(which got all the publicity) specifically asked for this – particularly as regards trafficking. Of course he didn’t get it, which is a condemnation of the government. It is also a condemnation that the Halifax grooming trial is proceeding at Leeds Crown Court and there is no mention of this in the media at all.

      The Goddard Enquiry just seems an exercise in kicking Rotherham into the long grass. To a large extent Tom Watson MP and his associates are culpable here. The cynical diversionary tactics as regards Brittain and the fiasco that was Operation Midland were simply smokescreens put up to conceal the Labour blind eye to grooming/votes nexus IMHO. Goddard’s remit is extraordinarily wide and it has all the hallmarks of an exercise in obfuscation, conflation and delay, so it looks like Watson’s scheming has paid off.

      On the reported South Ribble grooming involving, amazingly enough, taxi drivers, we will have to see who knew what and when


  7. Update: Guido has now exposed three anti-Zionist and Muslim Labour party members today.

    Perhaps I should be placing a bet on Zac Goldsmith winning the London mayoral election.
    As far as I can see, this is what it is all about, Guido and his team must have been trawling twitter feeds for months, but only now publishing his findings – in election week.


    • So I’m a nutter – well that is the resort of those who can’t provide arguements and dispute facts always do because they can’t face dispute the reasoning.
      Oh by the way, since you mention Zac Goldsmith, he is of course married to a Rothschild – you know , one of those International zionist banker families that you don’t believe in.
      You are very politically uneducated – are you a UKIP member by any chance ?


  8. I would like to mention the Bank of International Settlement, the Federal Reserve and shape shifting lizards and Roswell and area 51 and…and…and…
    But I thought this was site a that dealt with real events in the real world and not literary fictions..
    Yes, there are powerful lobbies, some are now over-powerful, but that is another (non-fiction) story.


  9. It’s true that the authorities turned a blind eye to Pakistanis’ sexual abuse of young girls in Rotherham for political expediency.

    But then it’s also *true* that Greville Janner MP got away with his crimes for so long because he was at the very heart of the Jewish establishment in Britain. Those involved knew that Janner and his “supporters” in politics, the law, business and the media would not be slow to start making accusations of anti-semitism and that would be career suicide.

    It has been said that an alternative definition of an anti-semite is someone Jews don’t like.


    • Oh how awful , you mentioned the “Jewish establishment”.
      You will be called a “nutter” .
      You should realise, if you post on here, that quite a few people are politically naive, who have absolutely no idea about the power brokers in the UK and USA. They still haven’t worked out why, irrespective of the political party that forms the government, the exact same policies are pursued, largely irrespective of public opinion.
      But take no notice – I’m just a “nutter” because I think 2 + 2 = 4 , when it obviously isn’t the case.


    • “But then it’s also *true* that Greville Janner MP got away with his crimes for so long because he was at the very heart of the Jewish establishment in Britain.”

      Have you the slightest evidence for that outrageous claim?

      That’s the the most grotesque piece of false equivalence since Jimmy Savile.

      What a pair of wicked old reprobates they apparently were – each individually the equivalent of a grooming-rape-trafficking-torture-pimping-prostituting-corrupting epidemic active in at least 30 English towns and cities which has claimed at least 100000 victims(McLoughlin – Easy Meat) involving uncounted thousands of perpetrators.

      Prodigious doesn’t even begin to describe Jimmy and Greville then.


  10. In response to “poetmorgan”, this is a posting thread about politics and the reason as to why there are attacks on some left-politicians, not about finance.
    Political power is directly related to the international financiers and I am quite aware of how it works.
    At the risk once again of “parroting a simplistic set of standard statements” let me quote that well knows statement from the beginning of the last century :
    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”.
    Sorry to be so boring with these simplistic statements , but perhaps I am not so intellectually capable as you ? But I doubt it.


    • A very clever parrot I think . I heard him say a few more :
      “The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.”
      Henry Ford , 1926

      “I have unwittingly ruined my country.
      A great industrial nation is controlled by it’s system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world… no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.”
      Woodrow Wilson , speaking about the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank

      “There is no more direct way to capture control of a nation than through its credit and money system.”
      Phillip A. Benson, President of American Bankers’ Association, 1939

      I like my parrot.


  11. To consolidate what my points written here, for those who have not been brainwashed and those who do not hate parrots :

    1. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct – it has cost the lives of millions to protect it
    2. If someone says something which is factually correct is not a “hate crime”
    3. There is a witch-hunt against labour party politicians because powefful right-wing and zionist pressure groups have influenced the media and politicians
    4. These same groups do not want to see Corbynites in the ascendancy so they seek to create havoc to make them unelectable and replace Corbyn with their own acceptable proxy.

    With thanks to my parrot for his assistance


      • It is hardly a “fantasy”.
        It’s the oldest trick in the political book – create an internal crisis over some issue or other and then say that the leader is the problem and he has to go.
        Corbyn and the left are not pro-Israel – they support the establishment of a Palestinian state.
        None of this is anything whatsoever to do with “anti-semitism”. These views have been around in the Labour party for a decade or more, so perhaps you should consider why they are being highlighted at this particular time.
        It’s a double whammy – get rid of the unpopular leader ( i.e. with the Labour middle-class Establisment ) and censor any anti-zionists at the same time.
        Another tactic of course is the one that you are falling for – to say everyone who points to this reasoning is a “conspiracy theorist” or “is living in a fantasy world”.
        When the facts prove me correct and Corbyn is ousted, maybe you will understand a little. Or maybe not.


  12. OMG!

    Peddling a new world order, I thought conspiracies were feeble states of coexisting claptrap.

    Rule N°1: Entrapment of your nemisis.
    Rule N°2: Game over.

    What a sh!t world we live in, where is free thinking, where is thinking outside of the box,

    I’m going to test you with thinking outside of the box!

    Jaffa’s were from Israel, but now you find them every where.
    Answer :
    True False Anti semitic

    All types of Dates are available in Israel but be aware of stoning.
    Answer :
    True False Anti semitic

    Come on Einsteins (is this anti semitic).


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