Rotherham abuse survivors press for stricter taxi safety measures

Rotherham abuse survivors press for stricter taxi safety measures

Group wants other councils to follow lead of Rotherham, which will require CCTV and audio recording devices in minicabs

All taxis drivers in Rotherham will be required to have CCTV cameras installed in their cars from July, in an attempt to prevent child sexual exploitation.

Drivers will also have to activate an audio recording device whenever they transport an unaccompanied child or vulnerable adult , under a series of measures introduced by the council to rebuild trust in the taxi industry.

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22 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse survivors press for stricter taxi safety measures

  1. “All taxi drivers in Rotherham will be required to have CCTV cameras…” Not true! Only taxi drivers licensed in Rotherham. Sadly not the same thing. The perps are simply getting licences elsewhere.


    • Completely agree that’s why they want every council in UK to stop that from happening that’s why they are asking for every coucncil to do it so they can’t get round it


  2. This report shows that some taxis have them in Doncaster. They should not be able to circumvent taxi licence requirements by obtaining a licence in a neighbouring town. If they are mainly plying for hire in Rotherham then a Rotherham taxi licence with a camera in the cab should be needed. This loophole is easily fixed. The safety a passengers should be the paramount consideration.


  3. yes they also moving taxi firms to outskirts of town so they dont have to have them thats why the groups asking all council to adopt cctv and audio they just trying everything to not to have them makes me wounder what they hiding is it benifit fraud because people would know how many hour they are really working??? are do they think they above law and rules trains /buses and planes have them


  4. Simply avoid getting in any taxi that does not have RMBC on licence plate ….When a cab comes to pick you up have a look on back of car at plate info …. anything but RMBC say politely to driver .. I do not wish to travel in this cab … after all you are paying for the hire of that car and have a right to pick and choose


    • I would ask every one to photograph the driver, the plates and the car (with company name) and then send them to me via the contact Giles button of I plan to publish a hall of shame on my website.


  5. Watch these.

    Yes but I ask what is a six year old doing in the middle of the road, where is the responsible person. Thank god Road Safety is now aimed at the young as well, you probably heard it on the radio “if I hadn’t crossed the road on the bend…..”

    I think Will answers it perfectly.

    CCTV on buses and Trains is not there for detection of CSE now is it.

    Some how I don’t believe all this claptrap, what are we saying young females are attracted to mini cabs, ask yourselves where the custodians.

    Let’s take it to the next level, landlord’s in certain areas need a licence.

    So let’s licence and CCTV all parents/carers who have children (apparently carers and single mothers are groomed for children), as majority of the abuse happens not only by people victims know, most evidentially happens in the home.

    Do you know around a third of the CSE victims, were from RMBC care homes, do you want to know more…. and private care homes.
    Do you know the price of a child in care, who’s been profiting.

    Vulnerable children!
    I am going to ask when is a child vulnerable, probably and especially when they are left to do as they please, what curfews are there.

    Well actually some CCTV wants bolting to some children as well.


    • Hotspot your right , everyone else is wrong ,, you realise it’s the victims of cse asking for stricter licensing laws ,, you seem to be blaming the victims parents for there kids being groomed . I’m sure we heard this before on the news by one of the perverts brothers , your not a taxi driver are you ???


      • I know Woody, victims are asking for stricter laws.

        I have also been a victim of abuse, thank you very much Mr Woody.

        I am sorry, I am not blaming parents, I was giving rise to children being educated, being warned. Read everything as it is above and in order again.

        For the safety of our children, why don’t we go the full hog, in regards to draconian laws.

        Sorry Woody that I’m not your fabled taxi driver, at least you have given me one more reason to live for, I love it keep this game up.

        Although I did look up the taxi CCTV policy, and do you know what, I had my first reason when, taxi drivers placed in the media “this system wouldn’t be out of place at NASA”, the second reason was a local cllr’s statement. Till then CCTV never tickled my fancies. For the record I would love any cllr who voted for this policy. The cllr’s I guarantee only voted for CCTV, whipped by the commissioners, not for anything in the CCTV policy and do you know what, give it a read!

        Woody, I can’t give you any medication, but if you need anything demolishing.


    • Hotspot I’ve read the council licensing policy’s just like you have and i would like to see all taxis in every area using cameras also audio , the taxi drivers moaning about cctv are either not paying tax on there earnings or hiding something , oh and your biting -))


      • If only it was just tax evasion benefit fraud and drug dealing that they are hiding. The fact that Sajid Bostan was, at least until recently, vice chair of the RPHDA tells you all you need to know about the prime motive behind the opposition to CCTV, the desire to protect the highly lucrative child rape industry. You have to understand that these guys sincerely believe they have a right to rape and traffick children.


      • Woody, your a top bloke, can I ask you to read from the above, and the link below.

        More children than ever working as prostitutes on Britain’s streets News The Independent 1998

        If this doesn’t fill your fill, was this a truth at the time, or for eternity.

        Some children are a danger to themselves, people used to think that when you know right from wrong, automatically a child could make a rational judgement, the thing that always was missing was what ever the approach was, whether the child was right or wrong, somebody had EXPLOITED that situation and most likely to have been the adult even though the child was actively in pursuance of the same.

        With out mentioning names, books, or papers, you may have missed a tell tale sign.

        I think you may have misinterpreted, my “demolishing” skills shame though.

        Me thinks RR is going to have a field day.


    • Thanks for that. The chutzpah of the town’s taxi drivers is truly amazing. They really think they can get away with pretending they care for the girls they drive like their own daughters whilst striking against the introduction of CCTV. Having said that many of them rape their own daughters so I suppose it’s true in a way.
      The activities of the Hussain brothers were common knowledge in the taxi trade, Likewise the fact that Sajid Bostan is a kingpin of the rape industry. How do you know when an RPHDA spokesman is lying? He has his mouth open.


      • Go on Mal, in a fit and healthy society gobbledegook is the order of the day.

        I’m sorry Mal if I’ve offended your intelligence, but how thick are the responses on here.

        If somebody suggests children also take a little responsibility, this is gobbledegook, let me add a little more to this gobbledegook.

        Were you at school not told of the dangers of climbing Electric pylons.

        Were you not told avoid the railway lines, also be aware of the dreaded third rail.

        Out of curiosity, would it have been green cross code (while you were at school) for road safety.

        Don’t play with matches, fire safety.

        How selective is your brain, god for bid, if Hotspot is suggesting warning children of inappropriate relationships, and warning children children to not place themselves in vulnerable situations.

        I’m beginning to believe, wisdom can neither by bought or be received by education.

        Wisdom, “You either got it or you ain’t”


      • Sorry about that Rik, I take full responsibility for nearly having Mal locked in here in the dark n all that, the things you have to do for health and safety.


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