Battle of Orgreave: South Yorkshire police chief ‘would welcome new investigation’

Battle of Orgreave: South Yorkshire police chief ‘would welcome new investigation’

The new chief constable of South Yorkshire Police has said he would welcome a new independent investigation into the 1984 Battle of Orgreave after links emerged between the scandal and the Hillsborough disaster five years later.

Home Secretary Theresa May has been coming under increasing pressure to launch a new inquiry into the events at Orgreave, which saw 95 miners arrested at the Orgreave coking plant, near Rotherham, after clashes with police which left 50 people injured.

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Backing for Orgreave inquiry demands

CAMPAIGNERS and MPs made fresh demands this week for a public inquiry over the Battle of Orgreave in the wake of the Hillsborough inquests.

The outcome of the two-year hearing into the 1989 football stadium disaster — which concluded that the 96 victims were unlawfully killed and not to blame — sparked renewed calls for further scrutiny of police actions surrounding the coking plant face-off five years earlier.

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South Yorkshire Police ‘welcome’ plan for Orgreave inquiry

The new man in charge of South Yorkshire Police has said he would ‘welcome’ an independent inquiry into the events of the Battle of Orgreave.

Interim chief constable Dave Jones said an investigation into the police action at the Orgreave plant during the 1984 miners’ strike should take place – in a format decided by Home Secretary Theresa May.

His comments follow allegations of direct links between the events at Orgreave and the Hillsborough disaster five years later.

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4 thoughts on “Battle of Orgreave: South Yorkshire police chief ‘would welcome new investigation’

  1. Who needs an equiry ?
    Everyone knows what went on. Thatcher wanted to supress the miners at any cost – that’s why she bussed in thugs from the Met to do any dirty work, just in case the local police didn’t play ball.
    Had she known what a corrupt and thuggish force was locally at her disposal she may not have bothered with the Met.
    Anyway most of these thugs will have been retired off by now, but they may decide to thow a few sacrificial lambs to show they are doing something.


  2. The current leadership of SYP will want to use whatever happened or is said to have happened at Orgreave to distract attention from more recent problems such as Rotherham. Those involved with Orgreave are either retired or dead so sacrificing them to keep attention away from current personnel will seem like good damage limitation. This is an old trick and I hope readers/contributors to this site do not allow themselves to be distracted in this way.


  3. I was serving at Manor top TA at the time and saw what was going off at Derby and Sheffield TA centres. At the same time I think it is crocodile tears from the bully boy unions, I saw enough violence in my community at the time to last me a life time, I was even threatened by somebody throwing bricks at the police at Orgreave. Didn’t the miners vote to take a pay off, rather than fighting to keep their pits open in many cases. I personally think that we should have kept 50% of the pits open, to ensure that we had a secure supply of coal for the future, as we are now too dependent on the external world.


    • Crocodile Tears? So, you’re content to let the Police get away with breaking the Law wholesale? They are supposed to uphold the Law, not break it atthe whim of a Prime Minister. I don’t doubt that miners committed violence but when all the machinations of State are pitted against you, what is the alternative? It was a fight for our jobs and those who came after us.

      As for your comment about the mines voting for a payoff, what utter tosh and piffle. Again, the machinations of State were putted against us and after twelve months of no wages, with mortgges to pay, bills to pay, and no prospect of ever saving our jobs we voted to go back to work with our heads HELD HIGH. No “pay-off”.

      I was at the Maltby picket when the Police with short riot shields crept through the wood at the side of the road and came out the back of the pickets and indiscriminately ATTACKED us from the rear… No violence from the miners was occurring at that point.

      It has been shown that the Police lied and colluded with each other, and Orgreave was the blueprint for the lying and colluding at Hillsborough. The Police are *supposed* to be above that.


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