Hillsborough: South Yorkshire police ‘tried to spin’ inquests evidence

Hillsborough: South Yorkshire police ‘tried to spin’ inquests evidence

Exclusive: Media officer employed by force says she was instructed to emphasise allegations of fans’ misbehaviour to press

South Yorkshire police sought to influence media reporting of the recent inquests into the deaths of 96 people in the Hillsborough disaster and secure positive coverage, according to a former communications specialist employed by the embattled force.

Hayley Court told the Guardian she was instructed to emphasise evidence considered favourable to the force to journalists attending the hearings, including allegations of misbehaviour by Liverpool supporters.

Read on… http://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/may/05/south-yorkshire-police-tried-to-spin-evidence-at-hillsborough-inquests

Hillsborough inquests: South Yorkshire police ‘spin’ evidence

A former South Yorkshire Police press officer claimed she was asked to “spin” news during the Hillsborough inquests, the BBC can reveal.

Hayley Court was employed by South Yorkshire Police (SYP) just after the hearings began in 2014.

Documents seen by BBC News show she was told a “performance issue” was her “failure” to “redress the imbalance” in the media’s reporting of the inquests.

SYP said her claims of “unethical practice” were “not substantiated”.

‘Fed a line’

Ms Court, 30, was taken on as the force’s Hillsborough communications specialist with a salary of more than £50,000 but has since left.

She said when she took the job she had hoped to illustrate the SYP force of 2014, when the inquests began, was not the same as it had been in 1989 – the year of the disaster.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-36216684

7 thoughts on “Hillsborough: South Yorkshire police ‘tried to spin’ inquests evidence

    • This Brave Lady” as you call her was employed to brief the media. She was NOT at Hillsborough and did NOT see what happened there. She was told what happened there and her job was to disseminate this information to the media. HOW BRAVE IS THAT???
      This is another way of twisting the truth of what really happened. She is just covering her back because of being interviewed by Operation Resolve and the incompetent IPCC, who incidentally haven’t fully started their investigation yet after all this time!!


  1. Some more questions for Rev. Billings.
    Who, if not Rev. Billings, issued instructions to Ms. Court to spin the coverage of the inquest? What disciplinary action has been taken against the individuals concerned?
    If it was not Rev. Billings did he know what was being done on behalf of his Force?
    If he did not know, why not?


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