Dr Do Little and Sir Nutkin Visit Dinnington’s New Police Headquarters

Dr Do Little and Sir Nutkin Visit Dinnington’s New Police Headquarters

Dr Do Little, the South Yorkshire PCC (prats conmen and cheats) leader along with Sir Nutkin came to open the new Dinnington Prats Headquarters, which is a cupboard in the Resource Centre. Dr Do Little, who it is alleged can talk to pigs, says we “we don’t want our prats in dark cold damp buildings and those that do are out of touch”. Apparently it is not good for them, they may get repetitive strain injury lifting too many cups of tea and playing pool. Instead he wants boots on the ground.

So Dr Do Little and Sir Nutkin decided to hold a summit with the main people who represent our area; and have a grand opening of the prats cupboard. So they met with Anston Cricket Club, a very important community group; who were bowled over and knocked for six when they saw the cupboard. Dr Do Little proudly stated “this will be the hub for our prats in Dinnington” ; but there is just one little flaw in my plan, there wont be any prats in it. What we do have is two P.C.S.O.s (People who Can Shout Out) one will come over from Maltby on the bus, and the other, who has water on the knee at the moment, when fit will come over on her bike. There were gasps of admiration from the cricket club, in fact it could be said they went batty (no more cricket puns) at this cunning plan. Their spokes person is alleged to have said “this sounds the death knell for criminals in Dinnington”; Sir Nutkin nodded nuttily in agreement.

And so from a humble unmanned cupboard in the Resource centre the onslaught against crime and lawlessness in Dinnington; remains the same, none existent. But Dr Do Little and Sir Nutkin drove off into the sunset feeling proud of their achievement. Dr Do Little thinking thank god for that I don’t have to see this place again.

Now I don’t want the good people of Dinnington to think I am treating our new prats headquarters with any kind of derision. So I will tell you exactly what is planned. There will be no one in the cupboard, except if they have gone in for a cup of tea and a sandwich. You will not be able to report a crime there. You will not be able to phone this headquarters for assistance because it doesn’t have a phone and even if it did there would be no one there to answer it. In an emergency you can use the 101 cant get through number, if you do get through you will be speaking to some one who has no idea where Dinnington is. They will then contact Maltby, where a “Person who Can Shout Out” will be immediately dispatched. Well not quite immediately, they will either jump on the next bus or, providing her knee is better, jump on her bike and pedal furiously to your aid. So the new slogan for the prats is “watch out criminals there is no one about” For any further information you could attend the next home match of Anston Cricket Club they were there, I wasn’t invited.

Dave Smith

7 thoughts on “Dr Do Little and Sir Nutkin Visit Dinnington’s New Police Headquarters

  1. The Policing in and around the South of the Borough gets stranger and stranger. Our “service” here in Anston gets worse. Strange that Anston Cricket Club is invited to a meeting about new Policing practices, yet the Parish Council has no idea the event took place. Could this be because the Parish Council is now Independently controlled, they ( Billings and Sir Nutkins) did not want us asking questions. Not surprising really, we have never seen Billings nor Sir Nutkin since both were elected.
    But here`s what the new Labour Policing policy really means. The Parish Council were informed at their last meeting that there will be no police cover for our annual Bonfire night, so how are we going to control the crowds/traffic when they exit on the main road?. But more importantly, its been said we will not have police cover for our Cenotaph Day Parade, which could mean cancelling our march from the Parish Hall to the Church, and it could mean we have no police cover to close the Main A57 road.
    I want to know how our newly elected Labour Cllr,Jonathan Ireland, who sits on the Parish Council, is going to square that one.
    Policing Labour Style, and its going to get worse.


  2. We at Dinnington have been told the same about our Remembrance Day parade, because our PCSOs will be in Maltby. There has not been one word of protest from any of our three borough Councillors over policing in our area, but then they wouldn’t be when Mallinder was at the meeting at the cupboard. She has endorsed what Dr Do Little is doing, if wasn’t so serious it would be a joke, oh it is a joke.
    Dave Smith


  3. Police to sell off old police station in Rotherham town and open new base

    A police base is to be set up in Dinnington Resource Centre later this month.

    South Yorkshire Police is to sell off its aging station in the town, which has not been used properly for a number of years, and instead the force will rent a room with 24-hour access.

    Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “I am delighted to be able to confirm that, from the end of May, there will be a new police presence based at Dinnington Resource Centre.

    “Agreement has been reached between South Yorkshire Police and Dinnington Resource Centre Trustees for the police to rent a room with 24-hour access.

    “This is a pioneer for the sort of arrangements we are now trying to make across the county.

    “Dinnington police station hasn’t been used as such for years and it doesn’t form part of the arrangements for any modern policing in the area. The old police station is to be sold. This will save more than £12,000 a year which can be put to paying for frontline police officers and PCSOs.

    “People who call for the re-opening of cold, dark, damp police stations are simply out of touch with the current ways of preventing and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. They are choosing to heat and light empty offices rather than having boots on the ground. That would be simply inefficient and ineffective.

    “Police forces don’t need buildings in the way that they used to do. Now, all officers are being equipped with hand-held IT and laptop computers that allow them to make all their reports from the area they are policing. By doing this, South Yorkshire Police will save about 150,000 policing hours which is currently taken up by travelling from the policing area back and forward to police stations.”

    Read more: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-to-sell-off-old-police-station-in-rotherham-town-and-open-new-base-1-7889148#ixzz48Fx9OH4G


  4. This is total and utter rubbish, we don’t have 24 hr coverage in Dinnington, we have two PCSOs based in Maltby, the office will not be manned. They have even refused to police the Remembrance Day parade in Dinnington, because the two PCSOs for our area have been assigned to the Maltby one. So Janet Green stop doing your normal defend Labour at all costs and don’t believe everything you read in the paper. I deal with the sergeant in charge of the PCSOs so I know exactly what is going to happen in the cupboard laughingly known as the Dinnington police headquarters. Plus all the parish councils in our area were ignored in favour of Anston Cricket Club, this was because they did not want to face any awkward questions. Typical of Labour in South Yorkshire, the ones in Dinnington even blocked questions on their Facebook page.
    Dave Smith


    • All I’ve done is posted what I read in the paper, which seems somewhat different from what you’ve written.

      I think you’re being very rude about Anston Cricket Club. (Is it part of your charm offensive………or your offensive charm?)

      Last time I was there to watch my son play cricket, everyone was very welcoming. I also noted the actions that they had taken to prevent CSE.


  5. It is not about the cricket club it is about that they were invited above, Dinnington Town Council, Anston parish council, Laughton parish council,,Firbeck parish council and Letwell. Now you tell me who were elected to represent the people these councils or Anston Cricket Club? By the way all the parishes mentioned, with the exception of Anston, have to be covered by two PCSOs who do not have access to a police car. What the hell has your son playing cricket got to do with our communities being left without police cover. While we are at this I think we should look at the powers that PCSOs have. They don’t carry handcuffs,,because they can only detain someone, without using force, for half an hour until a police officer can get there from Maltby. They wear a stab vest but no means of defence, no baton or sprays. These defenceless people are used and put in danger to try to con us into believing we have a police force. The urban areas are being left to the mercy of the criminals so the Towns and cities can be policed.
    Dave Smith


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