South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Election Results

Billings re-elected as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner


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Congrats to Alan Billings, commiserations to the losers. Gavin Felton came a creditable second place and should be congratulated for that.

Individual City/Town Results:

9 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Election Results

  1. Gavin Felton … a decent, honourable man… Refused to sell his soul to Labour for extra votes ( which he surely would have got ) and he’s been willing to accept the consequences for his integrity… I would march in his band any day…
    Been blogging here for 2 or 3 years and can’t help but wonder what many of these people in the saga that is Rotherham will ultimately be remembered for !


    • Linda, you do not “blog here”,
      Like me you sometimes comment on Articles on Rothpol’s blog, and/or to other respondent’s comments to those articles.

      OK I know this is just a matter of terminology, but “Been commenting here for 2 or 3 years …” makes a lot more sense than wot u rote.



      • OK Reg….Thanks for correction…. I will be showing my uneducated underskirts from time to time and thankful I can depend on you to put me right….. Leaving school at 15 had it’s disadvantages I know, but the point I make is the important one for everyone associated with Rotherham’s CSE ( and you don’t need a degree for this one) . A few moments thought ‘ What Will I Be Remembered For ‘ can be life changing for the better…
        I do enjoy our banter Reg across the miles.
        Anyways….B….r the grammer !


  2. I find this astonishing how many people voted for Billings, we are no longer seeing any policing on our streets, its nothing more than a criminal charter. This man is opening us up to far more crime, its like Turkeys voting for Christmas. How many papers were spoilt?


    • Tim.
      … at least you are not asking how many were postal votes!
      I voted for Gavin; but whilst in Rotherham the split is Lab / Ukip, in Sheffield it is Lab/LibDem. Ukip has very little penetration in Sheffield.
      As I commented above, you need to see the relative voting in each voting area to understand what happened.


      • I always postal vote and would prefer to vote online. UKIP are picking very poor candidates to represent us locally, if I am going to vote UKIP on my local council, I want to know they are more than paper candidates. Disappointed with Sheffield people, its become nothing more than the Wild West, yet they carry on voting for Labour/Liberal candidates. When Sheffield was most prosperous in the 60’s it was a Conservative controlled council and had at least 2 Conservative M.P’s.


  3. To ALL who voted for,I can not thank you enough for all of your support it means the world. My campaign was funded by my Army pension £937.00 against the Labour Machine of many thousands. I wanted to win for the people of South Yorkshire and the families and victims of the CSE. I have been lucky enough to meet great people from all around our great county.
    Lastly, I can not and will not give up, as we are in a mess more than most people really know.


  4. Well done Gavin.
    Considering you were fighting S.Y’s corrupt political machine-and without their massive funds-you have nothing to be ashamed of.


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