Appointment of a new Children’s Social Care Commissioner to Rotherham metropolitan borough council.

Appointment of a new Children’s Social Care Commissioner to Rotherham metropolitan borough council.

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More info on Councillor Mrs Patricia Anne Bradwell:

New Commissioner for Rotherham

Published Tuesday, 10th May 2016

Commissioner Patricia Bradwell
Commissioner Patricia Bradwell

The deputy leader of Lincolnshire County Council is to become the new Commissioner for children’s social care at Rotherham Council.

Councillor Patricia Bradwell is currently Lincolnshire’s deputy leader and has executive responsibilities for Adult Care and Health Services and Children’s Services.

She has been appointed as the Children’s Social Care Commissioner at Rotherham Council by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

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New children’s commissioner for Rotherham

Posted On: 10 May 2016

THE deputy leader of Lincolnshire County Council is to become Rotherham’s new children’s commissioner.

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7 thoughts on “Appointment of a new Children’s Social Care Commissioner to Rotherham metropolitan borough council.

  1. Despite Labour’s success in the local elections this appointment shows Chris Read and his cronies are still not ‘Fit for Purpose’ where the welfare of young people is concerned.
    Because of Labour’s lamentable failures the DCLG has had to intervene again and another high salary is added to RMBC’s payroll.
    Perhaps Read will negotiate another dodgy loan to cover the costs?


    • Colin
      This appointment simply replaces one Commissioner with another.

      The DCLG has not intervened again – it has simply made a statement, that one Commissioner is being replaced by someone else..

      Commissioners are not on RMBC payroll. They are fee earners, billing for their hours.

      I assume by “dodgy loan” you are referring to LOBOs – well now, there are many ways to describe them, but “dodgy” really isn’t one of them. … and I seem to remember that in fact the LOBOs Rotherham had entered into, had to date cost somewhat less in interest charges than if they had gone the PSBR route.

      But yes Labour did surprisingly well in the local Council election.


  2. @rr

    How did I guess you’d be along to correct my post?
    The central thrust of it remains the same; RMBC is not trusted to oversee Children’s Social Care.
    It sends a powerful message to some of the residents of Rotherham ie: They Are Incapable.*

    BTW, I don’t regard £29 million interest payments as the lesser of two evils.

    *At least to the residents who don’t blindly follow in their forefathers footsteps and vote for a red rosette.*


  3. I hope she has some insight, how do you get any, anyway.

    Although the Jay Report mentions Conservative estimate 1400 children.

    I read this a while ago, please do.

    Child sexual exploitation in the UK is all too common. But notions of gangs and grooming are a distraction and hinder our efforts to combat the problem. | British Politics and Policy at LSE

    It seems like, Jay report & what the media circus created out of Rotherham’s historical events, is actually looking very different to reality (reading daily court reports. Or the proverbial don’t stick).


      • Thanks for that RR, I don’t need to continue my reasoning, if reading like this is available.

        The concern is, is this commissioner appointment to justify the Jay Report relevance, or here to protect communities.

        I do believe, Jay did no justice to our Asian community, although they appeared to be individual cases of extreme torture exacted on survivors, the fact is, it was the same gang (as jailed this year). THE THINGS YOU CAN’T DO, TO MAKE SURE A FAIR TRIAL OCCURS.

        I wonder what Mr Norfolk has to say.


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