New UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Constituency Manager Named

New UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Constituency Manager Named

Former paratrooper and UKIP South Yorkshire PCC candidate, Gavin Felton, who has been named as the region’s new Constituency Manager
Tuesday 10th May 2016

Jane Collins MEP and Mike Hookem MEP are today proud to announce that Mr Gavin Felton will be joining the UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire regional team in the position of Constituency Manager from 1st June 2016.

Mr Felton will be replacing retiring Constituency Manager, Mike Speakman, following his two years in the role.

Mr Felton was named as the new Constituency Manager after a rigorous selection process that was open to every member of the region at the MEPs request.

Following an invitation for members to submit their CVs and covering letters, communicated by Mike Speakman, regional chairs, and branch chairs, ten candidates applied for the post in writing.

After a paper selection process, five applications were presented to the MEPs for their consideration, with two candidates eventually being offered interviews.

Speaking of the selection process, Mike Hookem MEP said, “we tried to make the process as open and accessible as possible in order to find the best candidate for the job.”

“In selecting Gavin Felton, I think we have found someone who will bring a great range of skills and a massive amount of experience to our region.”

Jane Collins MEP, who served as Constituency Manager until her election to the European Parliament in 2014 said, “This job not only comes with a great amount of responsibility, it is also very demanding. It takes a very special type of person to be able to cope with the stresses and strains involved and, in Gavin, I think we have made a great choice.”

“Mike Speakman has done a brilliant job of steering the region through a general election, several by-elections and numerous council elections in the last two years, and we were looking for his replacement to have the same energy, drive, and commitment to the role that he has shown.”

“However, I’m sure Gavin will want to bring his own management style to the region in the future and both Mike and I look forward to him contributing toward even more success for UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire region.”

Mr Felton, who recently achieved a solid second place in the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner election, said, “it’s a great honour and a privilege to be appointed the new constituency manager.”

“I believe in loyalty above all and that everything we do reflects on our great party.”

“I am an energetic, proactive and adaptable individual, with broad experience in the training, management and development of high-performing teams that aim to provide outstanding levels of service in a diverse range of environments.”

“I pride myself on being an outstanding communicator at all levels, from the boardroom to the factory floor. I’m able to explain technical or complex information to non-technical people, have the credibility, physical presence and strength of character to effectively ‘get the message across’ (ever mindful of the status and position of the receiver) without detriment to people or process.”

Speaking of Mr Felton’s appointment, Mike Hookem MEP said, “Gavin’s role is to continue our drive to build the best team possible in UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire so that we can attain even greater success moving forward.”

“I hope that all regional members will give Gavin a very warm welcome and work with him to take the region forward after the referendum.”

A short Biography of Gavin Felton:

Gavin served for twenty-four years in the British Army, achieving several qualifications and finishing with the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major.

During his military service, Gavin served his country in a number of conflicts both at home and abroad, including Northern Ireland, Operation Desert Storm, Rwanda, Kosovo, Bosnia and numerous tours in Iraq.

On leaving the army, Gavin was determined to make a change and while working as a sports centre manager, set out to fulfil his political ambitions. Having seen what had become of his hometown of Barnsley in his absence, Gavin did not feel able to support Labour, the party he had voted for most of his life. Instead, he joined UKIP.

Since joining the party, Gavin has become a popular figure while attending many meetings in the South Yorkshire area, while campaigning to become the county’s new PCC.

He now looks forward to the challenges ahead and to meeting everyone in the region.

4 thoughts on “New UKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Constituency Manager Named

  1. The relationship between UKIP’s Rotherham branch and Mike Speakman was strained to say the least. Gavin is the right man to move UKIP forward in Rotherham, especially now that the branch will be choosing a new leader.


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