Council’s response to inspection into child protection services

A spotter saw this and thought of us, click on image to view:


Quick link to the: Joint targeted area inspection of the multi-agency response to abuse and neglect in Oxfordshire

Quick link to the: Joint inspections of child sexual exploitation and missing children: February to August 2016

5 thoughts on “Council’s response to inspection into child protection services

  1. Just some reflections from the reports, the good and bad points compressed into quick reading. 

    Why hasn’t Rotherham received such update! 


    “Joint working by children’s social care with the safeguarding nurses at the hospitals, health visitors and school nurses is strong. There is good information contained in referrals, timely responses to requests and good attendance at strategy and other meetings. General practitioners (GPs) are compliant and timely with information-sharing requests. All GP practices have a linked social worker, and this is assisting effective communication. The inclusion of Contraception and Sexual Health (CASH) outreach workers in the Central Bedfordshire teenage pregnancy pathway strengthens relationships with vulnerable young families”


    “For  example,  94%  of taxi drivers in South  Tyneside have  undertaken training  on  child  sexual exploitation,  and  this is  now  a  condition  of  their receiving  a  licence. As  a  result,  between 2014  and 2015,  there  was  a  53%  increase  in calls  related  to  child  sexual exploitation  from taxi drivers  to  the  police”.


    “There  is  a  lack of clarity  amongst  social  workers  and  health  practitioners  about the  role  of  the  Missing  and  Sexual Exploitation and  Trafficked  (MSET)  group  and inconsistent  practice  to  ensure  that  outcomes  from  the  MSET  meetings  are shared  across  all  agencies.  The  lack of understanding  of  the  remit  of MSET  has led  to  delays.  For  example,  in one  case,  a  worker had  not  completed  a  risk management  plan  as  she  thought  this  was  the  role  of MSET.  Despite  clear terms of  reference,  more work  is  needed  across  the  partnership”

    Case  study : area South Tyneside 

    “but it  is  not  clear in  all  cases  that  they are proactively  planning  to  reduce long term risk for  children in the  future”


    “In  addition,  a  comprehensive  screening and  training  programme  is  now  in place  for  taxi drivers.  All are  now  vetted,  and attend  compulsory  training  in safeguarding  matters  as  a  condition of  being  issued with a  licence.  Drivers  already  licensed  are  also  undertaking  the  safeguarding training.  These  are  important  steps in building  community  confidence  in the recognition  and  reporting  of  safeguarding  issues”. 

    “Case study:  highly  effective  practice

    Oxfordshire  child  protection  agencies  place  children  and  young  people  who have  experienced  child  sexual exploitation  at  the  heart  of  their practice”


    • You are talking about ROTHERHAM you should know by now this council will do NOTHING unless it follows the party line, the victims mean nothing to them
      Ask why those re-elected that knew about it still deny it all


      • I know I can’t speak for them Fiferalpha, it would also be wrong for me to suggest that they haven’t learnt any lessons.

        The thing about following the party line,
        is not part of their remit as a local cllr (even if it may be regimented into them), they should always be working to deliver the best for their electorate and the greater good of the local communities, your right they failed us in this department as well.

        I think the challenge should not be, well don’t like me vote me out, we as the electorate actually have more power than that.

        Have we ever gone out of our way, maybe the electoral commission, put in a complaint, ever talked to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO), and as daft as it seems your local MP.

        The power is in the will of a person, you don’t need to wait till the next election.

        The problem is and I’m pre-empting this, the truth is if the electorate doesn’t
        know then what.

        Until we don’t change the way we talk about children, then I am sorry to say some cover ups will continue.

        The biggest thing missing in child protection, is we don’t need to identify the child or family or locality, but the abuse like any other crime reporting, should be freely available for public scrutiny, how else do we hold these numpties to account.


        • Hi hotspot what I would like to see is Labour councillors accept that they don’t know everything and accept that maybe sometimes opposition councillors do have some good ideas, I fully agree with you that the abuse should be reported and nothing held back. Full transparency by the Labour councillors would go a long way to restoring faith in them but that will never happen


        • Fiferalpha

          For any healthy debate to take place, a sense of belonging and individuality should be paramount and especially in local government.

          First new council meeting takes place this coming Friday 20th of May, councilors have till Tuesday 17th to submit any other issues, for the chair/mayor/council leader to consider for attention.
          I am thinking about any such issues to take up with them.

          Considering we have commissioners at the helm of our local authority, I was under the impression originally that debate maybe be stifled not by what we understand in regard to party line, but with a twist of local government line (ie: commissioners way or the highway).

          After a couple of meetings with them, and arguably the changes that were reflected through the councillors and the changes in attitudes from the same, made me believe that they may not be all that bad for our local democracy.

          True, the commissioners are not directly elected, but a sense of method to the madness seems to have been restored.

          The one thing that springs to mind is, Casey report (original reasons from Jay, why Casey was sent) on local governance, a few councillors over the past year, have admitted that they couldn’t ratify every thing on policies and had to vote through as a consensus. The thing that is bothering me, have policies been voted through over the past year with out real debate, and I do believe they have been told to vote them through, which brings me back to the Casey/Jay reports there were “mountains of policies but were they any good”.

          And you are right labour cllrs in recent history, have shown there ignorance to other suggestions.

          I frankly do think, the communities of Rotherham have chosen people, who will represent the electorate that voted them in. And the proof of the pudding will be from Friday onwards.

          A direction that is seaming very clear from now on, additional prices will be placed on services that we took for granted.


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