Back to business

Council Meeting Friday, 20th May, 2016 2.00 p.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH

One after: Council Meeting Wednesday, 13th July, 2016 2.00 p.m.

9 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. Back to business the latest move to have an all Asian panel to ” ADVISE ” the police on how to do their work is totally racist there is NO other way you can dress this up, this is the thin end of the wedge before we know where we are there will be demands for sharia law. The COUNCIL should be representative of the WHOLE borough and not just minorities stop all DEMONSTRATIONS there can be no show of any favouritism and Alan Billings should be stamping his authority and showing he is the one who dictates police duties NOT a minority


  2. This blog is rendered irrelevant by the presence of Reg Reader whose contributions are both tedious and pretentious. He’s obviously a Google anorak who takes a weird delight in belittling other contributors without making useful or constructive contributions of his own. PLEASE Rik, exercise some editorial discretion before Rothpol dies a death.


  3. It’s probably all your useless contributions which account for the rising hit rate and , of course,there’s always the little matter of CSE since 2011. Nuff said.


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