MEP Jane Collins bids to avoid paying damages in grooming claims libel case

The Star has some catching up to do:

Ukip politician wins delay in paying compensation to Rotherham MPs in slander and libel case

A legal bid by Rotherham’s three Labour MPs to get compensation from a Ukip MEP over remarks she made about the town’s child abuse scandal has come to a halt.

MEP Jane Collins has been sued for slander and libel by Sir Kevin Barron, MP for Rother Valley, John Healey, who represents Wentworth and Dearne, and Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham.

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Ruling to be made in Rotherham sex abuse slander case

A Ukip politician who was sued for remarks she made about three Labour MPs over Rotherham’s child abuse scandal is trying to avoid paying compensation, it has been claimed.

Sir Kevin Barron, MP for Rother Valley, John Healey, who represents Wentworth and Dearne, and Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, brought High Court proceedings for libel and slander against Euro MP for Yorkshire, Jane Collins.

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MEP Jane Collins bids to avoid paying damages in grooming claims libel case

A UKIP politician sued over “extremely grave” allegations she made about Rotherham’s three Labour MPs is trying to avoid paying damages, a High Court judge heard.

Jane Collins, who represents Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire in the European parliament, claimed the town’s MPs knew about child exploitation before the publication of the Jay Report in 2014 and did not intervene.

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Child sex abuse libel case on hold for EU ruling

A UKIP MEP is facing an anxious wait while the European Parliament decides whether to grant her immunity from being sued by Rotherham’s three MPs over “extremely grave” allegations she made in a speech.

Jane Collins, who represents Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, made claims at her party’s conference — in the run up to last year’s general election — that the area’s three Labour MPs knew about child exploitation in the town and did not intervene.

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RR has supplied this interesting link for readers information:

Personal immunity (also called inviolabilité, Unverletzlichkeit or Unverfolgbarkeit, improcedibilità) safeguards MEPs’ independence, protecting them from pressure in the form of threats of arrest or legal proceedings. Its scope depends on national rules, as well as on EU law: in particular, when Members are on the territory of their own Member State, they are entitled to the same protection that domestic law grants to Members of the national Parliament. It is only when Members are in another Member State, or are travelling to or from the place of meeting of the European Parliament, that they are covered by an immunity whose scope is defined exclusively by EU law. Personal immunity applies only for the duration of the Member’s mandate, but it also covers acts committed before its commencement. It extends to any proceedings, if punitive in nature, but does not apply to Members caught in flagrante delicto. Personal immunity may be waived by the European Parliament. The Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament, the case-law of the Court of Justice, and the practice of the Committee on Legal Affairs clarify how cases of immunity are dealt with and which general principles apply in such cases

(from the Executive Summary)

17 thoughts on “MEP Jane Collins bids to avoid paying damages in grooming claims libel case

  1. LATEST:
    But the case has now been halted — following receipt of a letter from the EU Parliament to say it is considering Ms Collins’ request for immunity. The protection works in a similar way to the privilege enjoyed by Westminster politicians, although it may be extended to cover comments made outside the EU Parliament chamber. Ms Collins hopes that, if she is granted immunity, she cannot be sued over the comments she made. The parliament said it will consider the matter as soon as possible, and the court heard a decision could be made as early as next week.

    During yesterday’s hearing, Mr Gavin Millar QC, for the three MPs, told the court Ms Collins’ request for immunity was an attempt to “assert the primacy of this piece of EU law over the law and procedure in the court of England and Wales”.

    Mr Justice Warby said all other issues left to be decided in the case, including Ms Collins’ bid to withdraw an earlier offer to settle the case, will have to be “stayed” until the EU Parliament gives its opinion. He told the court: “I will make an express request to the parliament to act expeditiously.”

    The judge also ordered Ms Collins to pay £15,000 towards the legal costs incurred by the three MPs as a result of the delay. Yesterday, he refused to delay the hearing until he received formal notification from the EU Parliament that it was considering the MEP’s request.

    Lots more…….. then……..
    A case being brought by the three Labour MPs against Caven Vines, the former Ukip group leader on Rotherham Council, over similar allegations he made during a TV interview, is due to be heard tomorrow.

    Does anyone else find it ironic that Ms Collins now seems to be requesting the assistance of EU law to give her immunity in a way that is not provided by privilege for speeches in the UK parliament?

    And we also learn that the case involving Caven Vines starts again tomorrow. It’s disappointing that he couldn’t tell us about this himself.


  2. The 3 MPs colluded with police and their cllr cronies for years.

    Failed to warn their constituents families and children for years of the cse grooming dangers. Scratching each others backs.

    Foisted shaun Wright on us as pcc.

    Yet MPs claim they were never told? Hogwash
    So much for perjury?
    They must think we believe in tooth fairy


    • Strange thing is.
      Many labour members and labour voters think these MPs are lying to save their necks.

      Course they knew about CSE.

      They also know when Cllrs have run out of ginger nuts


  3. UKIP want out of the EU Parliament but want them to grant her a free pass?

    Can someone get me the haze she’s smoking, sounds like a good deal!


    • @Paddy Cawkwell
      I agree it does seem to be hypocrisy on a grand scale, however most people will use laws to bite back at the lawmakers and/or governments who choose to implement them.
      AFAIK no British MEP has ever complained about the immunity given to them by the European parliament therefore Jane Collins is taking advantage of it.
      If Labour MP’s don’t like it they should campaign to scrap it. But don’t hold your breath.
      I am not interested in whether Jane Collins was right or wrong to say what she did, that is a subject for another debate.
      I’ve used the ECHR and FoI Acts to drag information from RMBC and other councils (Usually Labour controlled) they didn’t like it but they had to comply.
      They supported Blair and his policies, now they pay the price.


  4. Funny that one labour Councillor/ MP said in a public husting that he had “received an email from a (CSE person) and handed it to the police”
    Then surely others must have knowledge of this, if nothing else….


    • Be grateful if you would think before commenting as soon as you have a fresh idea.
      Mindful of the legal niceties, it is not possible to print your observations here.
      After your own lengthy period of self-imposed absence, followed by your recent return, you have now left over 100 comments from the last 1000. High, even by your standards, and is already attracting negative comment. If they are not to become unpleasant again, can I suggest a change of strategy?
      Try not to jump straight in, others do not have the time both you and I, have in abundance and consider the possibility that a new post may be a more appropriate vehicle to get info out to readers? Try and be less confrontational towards fellow commenters in your contributions, we discuss ideas and are not here for fellow commenters to abuse one another.


  5. UK Independence party member, is using an EU immunity law as a temporary get out clause.

    Some one is a hypocrite, I believe her position is untenable, let’s see what her compatriots have to say.

    My opinion live by the sword….!


  6. It has now been picked up by PoliticsHome

    Ukip MEP turns to European Parliament to try to block MPs’ libel case

    … and the Yorkshire Post
    Ukip politician wins delay in paying compensation to Rotherham MPs in slander and libel case


  7. It is my considered opinion case law has already been set on the issue of MEP’s speaking out:
    In an opinion adopted unanimously on 28 January, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs committee spoke out against the immunity waiver, supporting the MEP’s right to “freedom of opinion and expression”.
    EU case-law
    “This is often the way with libel cases,” the French S&D goup MEP Virgine Rozière [Radical Left party] explained. “The European Parliament’s case-law obliges the institution to protect its members in the political stances they take in the exercise of their mandate,” the member of the Legal Affairs committee added.

    Unless the European Parliament instigates a Hate Week against Jane Collins it cannot uphold the law for a French MEP and deny the same immunity for a British MEP.


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