tftth – Dirty Dealings In Rotherham

Dirty Dealings In Rotherham

Posted 16 May, 2016

In February 2015, Rotherham MBC’s Cabinet stood down when Louise Casey’s scathing report into the council’s failure to address blatant evidence of child sex abuse was released. They were in disgrace. Commissioners were appointed by the Government to run the Council. The politicians were sidelined. These councillors could no longer be trusted to run Rotherham.

These days politicians are slowly being allowed back into the decision-making process. We now have in Rotherham the Cabinet/Commissioner’s Decision Making Meetings. As far as we can see, none of the the councillors who attend those meetings were in the old Cabinet, which was held in disgrace.

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2 thoughts on “tftth – Dirty Dealings In Rotherham

  1. Interesting read. I was under the impression Emma Hoddinott and Chris Read recently moved to a house in Sitwell though…

    Similarly, one can hardly hold Emma Hoddinott to account for the failings of Roger Stone’s Cabinet. She didn’t join until Stone was long out of the door.

    But Sue Ellis .. well then. The top level of the council might well have changed in style and approach but the same old faces that sat there chairing committees and running the council while the whole torrid affair went on hasn’t. If anyone needs to go it’s this group who fattened themselves on tax payers money while the children of Rotherham bled.


  2. The disparity in votes, would be down to the ‘Thirlwall effect’, I rather suspect? Sue Ellis was there for most of the ‘cover-up’ period and was at the crucial seminar in 2005, yet did nothing to end the suffering of the victims, disgraceful! Her account and that of Thirlwall, published previously is now revealed as bogus and unreliable in the extreme. Why was Sue Ellis selected as a Labour candidate? Why were the voters deceived in this way? Could it be related to the fact she is the daughter of a former MP and close to John Healey? Well I never!


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