7 thoughts on “Jane Collins Judgement

    • Please study more closely, you will realise your error. It was wrong headed from the off!
      The MPs legal advisers are the ones who failed procedurally!
      The correct procedure for bringing any legal proceedings against an MEP is for the competent authority in the member state to make an application to the European Parliament requesting that the immunity is waived. The competent authority is the Attorney General and the MPs and their legal representatives did not do this.
      Cock-up would be the conclusion on the part of the MPs, Gerald Shamash and Gavin Millar! To bleat about it, is mere spin and sour grapes.


      • Did they know?
        Who didn’t?
        So why didn’t they know?

        The 3 amigos have CFA finance but Cavan vines can’t afford a defence lawyer.

        Cheats and using CFA robbankruptcan honest man


        • They are suffering a catastrophic backlash in reputational terms. Just like being revealed to have been pulling the legs off daddylonglegs. A simple act of cruelty and not acceptable in a democratic country!


        • Rothpol. might it not be better if everyone stuck to Jane Collins MEP’s case in this thread?


        • It might indeed, but comments often stray into new and important territory. That is something, you of course, could never be accused of?


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