Sandwell MBC – Publication of reports into land sales and other matters

…… and the connection to Rotherham.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council has had some difficulty with land sales it would seem? Click on the image to view the reports:


….. and the Rotherham connection?

That would be the Leader, Steve Eling who apparently works for Rotherham MBC. Click on image to read his interests declaration:


How can this be? Explanation required?

If any of the links above stop working, the documents can be viewed using these links:

Gowling WLG report PDF

The QCs opinion PDF

Steve Eling interests declaration

Published previously with another interests declaration by Steve Eling:

Rotherham, Jim Cadman, Steve Eling and the Sandwell Connection?

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Had this brought to my attention through the medium of twitter. There appears to be something fishy about Jim Cadman’s operations? Click on image to read in full: Declaration of Interests Steven Charles Eling click here.

5 thoughts on “Sandwell MBC – Publication of reports into land sales and other matters

  1. Mr Eling gives his home address as Smethwick. A daily commute, Smethwick-Rotherham and back, comes in at nearly 200 miles. To fund the fuel costs, he’s has to be on a remarkable salary at RMBC, or perhaps he doesn’t t spend that much time behind his desk at RMBC, doing the job we pay him for.


  2. Wonder how many Councillors RMBC employs from other authorities and how many RMBC Councillors are employed by other authorities, charities or public bodies? We should be told!


    • “How many RMBC Councillors are employed by other authorities, charities or public bodies”
      That is easy to find out – just go through all the RMBC Councillor Interest Declarations.

      “How many RMBC employees are Councilors with other Authorities”
      That could take a little longer.
      It might be possible to FOI RMBC on “how many employees request time off for their involvement in other Local Council related activities” or something phrasing like that.
      But you really need Robin Symonds to tell you how to phrase it.

      Alternatively you could try FOI’ing every Local Authority – it is do-able! … and Whatdotheyknow are probably able to help you do it.

      It is fascinating how it all links up
      I started here, via google: , and just clicked on a few names.


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