You paid £500K to defend this sick paedophile gang – now they want YOU to fund an APPEAL

THE child-sex gang jailed for the Rotherham abuse scandal racked up more than £500,000 in legal aid costs – which was paid for by the taxpayer.

And the total bill for lawyers to defend the six paedophiles could be even higher, as the monsters are appealing against their sentences.

Five of the six offenders are serving a combined total of 102 years in prison.

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Rotherham abuse gang given £500,000 in legal aid

More than £500,000 was spent on legal aid defending a Rotherham child sexual exploitation gang.

A total of £529,000 was spent on defending brothers Arshid and Basharat Hussain along with their co-defendants during a two-month trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Some members of the gang are currently fighting to appeal their convictions after five out of six of them were jailed for a combined 102 years.

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Trial reports and more:

9 thoughts on “You paid £500K to defend this sick paedophile gang – now they want YOU to fund an APPEAL

  1. “His legal aid alone cost £150,000, a Freedom of Information request by the Sun on Sunday revealed. ”
    It seems that the Sun on Sunday did all the legwork on this story – have you got a link to that?


  2. I detest the people that are the centre of this story but everyone in the UK deserves a defence and whilst my hands want to wring necks it can’t be done to Brady, Hindley nor these folks.

    The cornerstone of any society is a justice system which works, now…we have one that does not work.

    We have one that denied families justice for nearly 30 yrs – we should be kicking off about that and not splitting hairs about a person/s right to appeal.


  3. They have had their defence delivered to the court. The jury did not believe the tissue of lies and the judge sentenced them accordingly If they do appeal I hope that their sentences are increased. Given the on-going police enquiries I guess that their names will reappear in other prosecutions in the future. I am still waiting for Council members and officers to have their turn in front of the “Beak” !


  4. The judge at the Keighley trail
    “The attitudes of the majority of you have so clearly demonstrated to these proceedings has been contemptuous, disrespectful and arrogant on a scale that I have hardly seen before in many years of practice in criminal law”.

    I believe this Rotherham gang are showing their arrogance now, they didn’t receive the full tariffs of their crimes.

    How sick is the solicitor, who is taking this appeal.

    I do believe this gang not only received a more than fair trail, but is showing everyone how evil they truly are.


  5. Whilst I agree with most of the sentiments posted so far it is the right of a convicted person to appeal his/her sentence IF the defending solicitor believes the convicted person has reasonable grounds for an appeal and as you might guess, legal aid is available to fund an appeal.
    I would much prefer the government/home secretary to amend the current guidelines on sentencing so that crimes such as these carried a minimum sentence of 25 years, a lifetime electronic tag and signing the sexual offences register.
    The biggest problem is that Law and Justice are not the same thing.


  6. Paddy is right, but it won’t make any difference to the outcome, the solicitor has to demonstrate that he has sufficient cause for the appeal, i.e. new evidence, If he has, its more likely to Increase the sentence, but he still gets his fee.


  7. The right sentence for these pieces of excrement would have been to execute them and deport every member of their family but, we are far too soft in this Country in the way we treat criminals AND, if we remain in the EU, it will become softer. This filth shouldn’t have been here in the first place!!


  8. I hear that the 3 labour MP’s suing Jane Collins MEP maybe using a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), the rich mans legal aid system, which should really be used for poor men.

    Everybody but those who really need it get it.

    Justice system sucks.


  9. Like the endless inquiries, Leveson, Chilcott, Hillsborough etc, the only real beneficiary will be the lawyers enriching themselves at public expense. Clearly there are still more savings to be made from the legal aid and Court Service budgets. Hope that someone brings this to the attention of the Chancellor…


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