Bill Carmichael: Rotherham sex grooming and ‘corrupt’ public sector’s collective guilt

THERE was some good news this week when six of the vile monsters behind the Rotherham child abuse scandal were convicted for their crimes. They will be sentenced later today.

Some of the victims were in Sheffield Crown Court to hear the jury’s verdict and see their tormenters finally face justice, after years of being ignored or branded as liars by the authorities.

But before we hang out the bunting it is worth remembering that this is just the tip of the iceberg. A 2014 report by Professor Alexis Jay made it clear that Rotherham’s child rape gangs had acted with impunity for decades and there is likely to be in the region of 1,400 victims in this one Yorkshire town alone

“How in heaven’s name did all this happen in plain sight? The answer, I am afraid, points to deep corruption of our public sector.”

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For reference: Prof Jay’s report, click here to read it yourself, should be required reading for all councillors?

4 thoughts on “Bill Carmichael: Rotherham sex grooming and ‘corrupt’ public sector’s collective guilt

  1. A well written article spoiled by the one liner regarding Leveson. This smacks of cheap journalism using the victims of CSE for personal reasons.


    • I doubt that’s fair comment. Leveson did scant justice to Andrew Norfolk

      “The judge explained that he decided to omit one or two because , and again I quote his words, they were ‘not without controversy’.”

      I recall from Jayne Senior’s book that she said that she was not the only whistleblower, Norfolk had got police intelligence reports as well – he had another source

      Leveson sounds like very bad news indeed

      “Daily Express reporter and chair of the Crime Reporters Association John Twomey condemned the figures and said that police-press relations are at an “all-time low”.

      He said that the high frequency of media leak investigations – the vast majority of which he believes would not relate to criminal investigations – means police employees are being “intimidated” out of speaking to the press.

      “They will be discouraged for years from having any informal relations with journalists. It is very sinister stuff,” Twomey told Press Gazette.

      “It’s not surprising really that we are at a terrible juncture in police-press relations and you can’t really see any improvement in the short-term.

      “They’ve got to come to a better understanding of how they interact with everybody – how they interact with senior politicians, how they interact with the media.

      “They’ve got to get their sense of proportion back, bearing in mind they’ve spent millions and millions of pounds pursuing journalists… could that money have been spent elsewhere on serious crimes?” ”

      Apparently Leveson recommended a “public interest disclosure hotline” – which has got to be the sickest joke out


      “Additionally, and looking at this more widely, the ends do not usually or, at least necessarily, justify the mean.”

      Yeah, if you say so your Noble Lordship .

      As regards “corrupt public officials” it’s getting on for 2 years since Jay and a year since Stovewood – so what’s the delay in charging them one wonders?


    • Leverson, had nothing to do with the ability of the press, in particular the local press on reporting these horrific events. It was their inability and unwiliness to confront these vile creatures, and I’m not only talking about the Pakistani’s abusers, but the Councillors, Social workers, MP’s , and the Police, which led to these crimes carrying on, for all those decades and all those poor children, being violated.

      The press, once respected, choose to investigate , whose knickers and underpants were coming off, whose taking what drugs and stuff like that, when an bigger story was right in front of them. No wonder their circulation is falling year on year, nobody wants to waste good money on a sad, outdated, political correct medium, when you can get quality news, in blogs like this.


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