Rotherham MPs demand Orgreave inquiry

ROTHERHAM’S three MPs have called for a public inquiry into the policing of the Battle of Orgreave and the miners’ strike.

Sir Kevin Barron and Labour colleagues Sarah Champion and John Healey wrote to Home Secretary Theresa May on Friday to formally call for a public inquiry into the policing at Orgreave.

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8 thoughts on “Rotherham MPs demand Orgreave inquiry

  1. Wow these three clowns are finally doing something, just wondering though, They had a Labour government in power from 1997, why didn’t they hold an enquiry?


  2. Rotherham MPs don’t demand ‘grooming’ inquiry.

    Keep trying to run ladies and gents, you’ll get tired eventually.


  3. Political point scoring at its grubbiest.
    Where was Sir Kev when the miners massed at Orgreave?
    Where was he during the miners strike?
    He was never seen during the Christmas street collections in Dinnington nor do I recall him handing over any cash to the strike fund.
    The ‘miners’ MP who was booted off the return to work march in Maltby.
    He is a shabby opportunist.


  4. Orgreave happened in 1984 and it is now 2016. At this rate it will be 2048 before we have an inquiry into the failure to prevent grooming in Rotherham. How many of the senior personnel involved will still be living and able to face the consequences?


  5. The hypocrisy of Sir Nutkin knows no bounds. Rik is right read the Enemy Within and see what Sir Nutkin was up to.
    Dave Smith


  6. As a former miner who was locked up beat up and not allowed to travel to Nottinghamshire, West Yorkshire or Orgreave, I welcome the Inquiry, I still can’t travel to America to this day, these are just a few of my gripes, I would like to know where the Evidence is coming from though, after the Trials in Sheffield, post strike, the Police made a point of showing on T.V. the destruction of all the files as a “goodwill gesture” to the Miners that were falsely charged, some hope eh!


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