999: Election Expenses Emergency

UDbannerupdatedSo far, 29 MPs are being investigated for their election expenses. An investigation by Channel 4 News has alleged that the MPs involved may have broken campaign spending limits. If these claims are true, their elections could be declared null and void, and the MPs involved could even go to jail. But we need to act now to get the police to take these allegations seriously.

Eleven police forces across the country are investigating election expenses, but the Conservatives have now gone to court to stop Kent Police investigating allegations in South Thanet. Rules on election expenses are there to protect our democracy – money shouldn’t decide any election result. We need the police to investigate ALL election expenses allegations.

Tell Scotland Yard to take on election expenses

The only way to get election expenses looked at seriously is for the Metropolitan Police to coordinate a national investigation into all expenses allegations. There’s not much time – we need them to act before 11 June, or the deadline for prosecuting election offences will run out. So please sign our petition to the Police Commissioner today.

Thank you to the thousands of you that took our election expenses survey last week. You told us firmly to take action, and we listened. Please join us in demanding a national police investigation into election expenses.

Alexandra Runswick

Director, Unlock Democracy

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