Cabinet Member Accused of Divisive Community Politics

A motion has been circulated for consideration at Labour’s next Boston Castle Ward meeting, please read it at the bottom…

What we have here is member of Cabinet, Taiba Hussain, promoting a motion that actively seeks to interfere with due legal process…effectively asking the Labour Party to politicise and work to have dismissed a case of violent conduct to be brought against 12 Kashmiri youth…prior to trial.

This is in denial of the fact that many have seen the videos evidencing violent conduct by some Kashmiri youth; brick throwing being one example. Let us also be clear that this violent conduct was not perpetrated against the white fascists as implied in the motion. But against the Police who in another part of Town were facing equally violent action from those white fascists.

I am not the judge or Jury in this case, and unlike Taiba and friends don’t claim to be. Yet having seen two videos of the events and spoken with residents and traders there is compelling evidence of a case needing to be answered by some. And suspected perpetrators brought to account.

That is what we do….people get arrested by the Police and evidence is submitted to the Crime Prosecution Service. Defendants organise and normally are provided with resources to build and present their defence. Then a court decides.

WE in South Yorkshire know that our Police force has been very badly managed and a small number of officers have been corrupted either intellectually, out of laziness or financially and sexually by drug dealers and pimps. We also know that a few politicians have used their positions to improperly influence the Police.

However, I struggle to think of anyone who thinks that an improved future local police and judicial structure can be built by actions such as this in Boston Castle Ward and by capitulating to the violence shown on Wellgate.

Let the judicial system prevail. For all its failings it is all we have, if failure is evidenced at the end of the process then we can consider the politics. If the wrong people are charged or the charges too severe let a Court adjudicate, then we can look at alternative evidence from those who allege the system has failed.

Equality before the Law is critical to our Justice system, and it is shameful that a Council Cabinet member should be seeking privileged status for those accused from what may well be her own community, friend and familial group.

Chris Read and Labour please think. Taiba Yasseens actions cannot be covered up, and even her merely seconding this motion show her incapable of applying impartiality, equality and wisdom to her role as Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Working and Cultural Services. It ties her closely to a group that includes the SWP and Muhbeen Hussain, and using tactics last used by Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain.

Her role embraces many of what was called the equalities and community brief. However her prejudice and bias make her unfit for a Cabinet role, as her actions will only work to increase community divisions. And maybe tensions.

Mary B Joseph’s

THE MOTION TO BE PUT BEFORE BOSTON CASTLE LABOUR GROUP(unless someone with half a brain stops it.)

“This ward party/CLP recognises that the men known as the ‘Rotherham 12’ have been charged with violent disorder. The ward/CLP further recognises that this serious charge has been indiscriminately applied to all 12 men. The charge fails to recognise that those accused were defending their children, relations and community.

When two sides are in conflict one is the aggressor and the other the defender. Both may look the same but their motives are entirely different. The far right were looking to indiscriminately attack Asian Muslims. Those unfortunately and randomly picked upon were left with no choice but to defend themselves.

All the Rotherham 12 come from the local community. The far right from many other towns. There is no equivalence in their actions. Consequently, this ward/CLP expresses support and solidarity to the Rotherham 12 and calls for the serious charge of violent disorder to be dropped and the case to be reviewed.”

Proposed: Jonathan Smith

Seconded: Cllr Taiba Yasseen

Note on motion: Let us also be clear that this violent conduct was not perpetrated against the white fascists as implied in the motion, but against the Police! Unless, of course, in their world the police are fascists too?

22 thoughts on “Cabinet Member Accused of Divisive Community Politics

  1. Mary B – you allude to “tactics last used by Jahangir Ahktar and Mahroof Hussain”. Do you not believe they are still pulling the strings of the new intake of Pakistani heritage councillors ? Given that the legal proceedings are already underway against the defendants surely this matter is now sub judice and should not be discussed in a political meeting ? The local Labour Party must move immediately to stop this action. Cllr Yasseen should be removed from the Cabinet as she is clearly in breach of standards expected etc etc.


    • She has driven a ‘coach and horses’ through her Councillors code of conduct and the Labour Party one too. The Labour Party must act decisively, suspend the memberships of both the proposer and seconder, investigate this extraordinary episode and deal with those responsible. They have certainly brought the Labour Party into disrepute.
      There was me thinking, bringing the Labour Party into disrepute used to be Jahangir’s job?


    • It sounded better with just ticks.

      It seems like Justice and commonsense from the best quarters, can’t cross the road together any place in Rotherham.

      Not to go off topic, apart from these two (numpties), MBJ’s should know better, are we all adding debate on an actual live case.


  2. It remains to be seen if the CLP, Read and RMBC Labour councillors have got any backbones to suspend this foul specimen of womanhood.
    Her ill thought and racist comments should be evidence enough to suspend her.
    I won’t hold my breath


  3. Same old problems, new faces, nothing really changed. Once NCA and the commissioners leaves, the rats, will come from beneath the sewers, they’ve been hiding. I think she was premature and couldve shown her hand, too early. Have we really learnt all the lessons?


  4. I remember Read telling the world and its grandmother he was leading the All New And Improved RMBC. Based on all the evidence so far that statement is on par with Wilson’s ‘Pound in your pocket’ upcockus tremendous.
    Several of the “Not Fit for Purpose” Labour drones hold cabinet posts and now we have a demented female-a Labour cabinet member-spouting rubbish.
    No change there.

    All new and improved RMBC Chris Read?
    You’re having a laugh.


  5. Can we please ensure this is gotten into the advertiser, this is a key issue that the Rotherham people should know.

    Also can someone question the leader on this issue at the next full council meeting?? We could secure a Labour suspension for an issue that is utterly appalling if we actually do something about it in the wider public eye and pressure Chris Read to act.


  6. Another case of the Islamic culture perverting and corrupting all that is sacred in the Country. I have always said they could corrupt a dog turd and they do!!! When will this country accept the fact that Islam is evil, medieval and down right dishonest and corrupt?


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