EU Referendum: The Norway Option – the Penny Finally Drops.

EU Referendum: The Norway Option-the Penny Finally Drops.

May I draw readers’ attention to a brand new film presentation, by Dr Richard North, of the most comprehensive exit plan to leave the EU: The Market Solution (Flexcit).

This first class presentation, filmed in London, provides the public with the best available information and also reassurance about the phased withdrawal involved in leaving the EU via the interim and economically neutral Norway option (staying in the European Economic Area-EEA). The fully evidenced presentation gives the public the facts that Cameron’s Remain campaign and the government machine deliberately ignore (and our sources know that the government machine are well aware of this plan:

Furthermore the long established cross party Campaign for an Independent Britain, supporters of the Flexcit plan, have also produced their own brief and easy to read leaflets to aid public understanding of how to leave the EU via the Norway Option:

This week’s latest Treasury scare story from Osborne and Cameron – the “DIY Recession”- was easily shot down when it omitted an extremely inconvenient and potentially game changing fact: The Norway Option (staying in the Single Market – EEA) would not lead to any recession:

‘But what happened to the EEA option?’ I hear you ask. But you know the answer to that already: the EEA option scenario would not have produced a recession (as we’ll see below, the ‘shock’ scenario only just got there) so the headlines would have been bad. Indeed, the EEA option scenario might not have produced any non-trivial losses in the short-term at all. So it’s been dropped. Let us never talk of these matters again…’

Finally, Westminster Journalists, politicians and leave campaigners are starting to notice what many Remain campaigners already know – the Norway option completely neutralises Cameron’s “project fear” and provides for a safe and controlled exit from the EU:

Brexit will make us richer. That’s why Leave could still win

So if you’re fed up with the EU funded CBI, remain campaign funders Goldman Sachs (ex EU politicians act as their advisors), the Governor of the Bank of England (ex Goldman Sachs employee), foreign politicians, Trade Union leaders, Blair, Cameron, Corbyn, Clegg, Obama and virtually the entire establishment trying to bully you into staying in the political EU then support the most economically secure EU exit option – the Norway option..

John Wilkinson

18 thoughts on “EU Referendum: The Norway Option – the Penny Finally Drops.

  1. I suppose everyone has his or her, this or that way.

    The ballot paper for EU referendum.
    We stay.

    We go.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to ask,
    A reformed EU

    Or to hell with EU

    I’m thinking some of us are actually missing the point altogether.


  2. Of course all these predictions about leaving will result in this or that are so much b*****t.

    If you are a member of a gang of kids and take your bat and ball home and then expect the others to be responsive when you come back and ask to play but on your terms we can all anticipate what the answer will be – unsympathetic unless of course you have the only bat and ball on the street. So for the UK and the EU and they too have the bat and ball .
    Like it or not Junker said a few days ago that this might well be the EU response to Brexit. Some see this as a threat, to me it looks like a fair comment.
    Sorry to say the English are looked upon by many outside the country as ignorant, selfish, arrogant with a vastly inflated idea of their power and influence in the world.
    The UK is living far beyond its means already and if it decides to go it alone expect the lenders and creditors to get nervous, pull away and all that will result in.

    Whatever the merits of the argument who do you trust less/more? The Remainers led by the Camoron, Corbyn and so on or the Brexiters led by Johnson, Farage and Ian Duncan Smith.

    It’s a tricky choice, the failing ones versus the has been’s/never will be’s.


  3. Finally the penny drops.

    I don’t think it does, just an example!

    We built around 1.6million cars in the last year.

    We exported around 1.3 million of these, around 60% to Europe, the other 40% to the rest of the world (USA and China being the largest).

    Yeah I know which market pays the bills, and the biggest growth was from the same.

    Or do they!


  4. Who built 1.6 million cars? Name one British owned car manufacturer, name one completely British owned railway company, water company, energy company. We have railways privately owned by European nationalised railways, we pay higher fairs whilst theirs are subsidised. The European Union is a neoliberal organisation run and controlled by massive corporations that dictate how countries are run, they decide the economies of countries. Look at Greece and its austerity measures, these decisions are not made by the elected government they are forced on them with the excuse that they are necessary to rebuild their economy. It hasn’t worked there and it isn’t working here. These corporations have funds bigger than the economies of most EU countries and it will only get worse with TTIP, which is being negotiated for the EU by nameless and faceless people who only the corporations have access to. The EU is the nearest you can get to a dictatorship.

    Dave Smith


    • I said we built them, our work force.

      Right.. We change the dictator to be one of us…Mmm…Very interesting…

      And the master plan can be found. ..where!


    • I think they know who “they” are
      I’ll rephrase, to make it simple.

      I suppose no one saw that one coming, salute you RR.

      I suppose it still doesn’t change the gravitas of the subject in hand.


    • PM
      There are those among the UK BRexiters who advocate a Norway-style “solution”. Certainly the people of Norway are content with their relationship with the EU, and I have to admit that I love the country and its people.

      But those UK Brexiters only emphasise those aspects of the Norway-style “solution” that will appeal to potential UK Brexit voters, they never appear to open up on the aspects that might not appeal to to them.

      I was simply trying to illustrate one of those aspects that might not appeal to them.

      I can only assume that Hotspot, when referring to a “they”, was referring to what I describe above as “UK BRexiters who advocate a Norway-style “solution”. ”

      Any more questions?


      • Okay. For myself I have no magic bullet. If Brexit wins then we face the unknown but then the future is always unknown.
        I frequently read “they” this or “they” that and rarely are the mythic “they identified. It is to me a symptom of lazy thinking and when questioned rarely gets an answer. I do believe your hypothesis is the first!


  5. On the contrary, we are fully aware of the imperfections of the Norway Option, which is why we always refer to it as an “interim” option to enable an economically neutral exit as the first part of a longer term, staged exit process. It is not and never has been the final destination.However, as we evidence there are more options and flexibilities for controlling immigration in the European Economic Area. For example, utilising the emergency brake allowed in the EEA agreement.

    Do feel free to read our fully evidenced policy proposals to control migration post EU exit.
    Phase 2 Chapter 7

    Click to access flexcit.pdf

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