Abuse minister hears victims’ stories

THE Government minister responsible for preventing abuse, exploitation and crime has made her first visit to the town to meet with child abuse survivors.

Karen Bradley MP, who was appointed as the Cabinet leader 12 months ago, visited Barnardo’s — for around an hour — council leaders and social services staff last week.

She told the Advertiser she had organised the visit.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/103209/abuse-minister-hears-victims-stories.aspx

5 thoughts on “Abuse minister hears victims’ stories

  1. Forgive me for being cynical but am I correct in believing MP Karen Bradley government minister for preventing abuse, exploitation and crime against children was appointed 1 year ago to this ( no doubt well paid job ) and spent 1 hour interviewing the survivors of the brutalized children of Rotherham… Am I correct in understanding the conservative figures of children affected is 1400. Well divide that by 60 minutes and you get the gist of how absurd it is to expect the people they serve can ever be convinced they are actually …. doing something ….. Do these people ever get embarrassed at their performance? I suspect not !


      • Thanks for the refs above Reg… The Modern Slavery display at the Chelsea Garden show is a thought provoking and useful tool in drawing peoples attention to the various and more subtle forms of slavery that exist in the modern world…..
        I believe the arts can influence the minds of individuals better and more lasting than politicians can and respect the creative artists concerned….
        However I would like to make the comment re The Oak within the garden display…. The significance of the mighty oak may get missed by Karen Bradley and other politicians like her…. That oak tree in the middle of the garden represents the great William Wilberforce , that solitary, tenacious , long suffering , courageous ‘ independent politician’. No doubt his own life was shortened by the fight. A short look at the character of Wilberforce would reveal the type of character required to make the change against evil of modern day slavery….His fight was long and arduous …. He made more enemies than friends in the struggle among his fellow politicians….
        Reading Karen Bradley’s comments to the press left me feeling with the thought “What would William Wilberforce make of the 1 hour visit to interview the 1400 child slaves of Rotherham…..We have to dig deep to find the truth….


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