Disgraced Rotherham council unveils new ‘child strategy’ to escape past

ROTHERHAM Council says it hopes to put “its past behind it” with plans to ensure every child in the borough is supported “to be the best they can”.

The authority came under intense scrutiny following the publication of the Jay Report into child sexual exploitation in the town in 2014, which resulted in the council being placed under the control of Government-appointed commissioners.

Now, a report going before commissioners and senior councillors next Monday outlines plans to make Rotherham a “child-centred borough” and for the council to be seen as a benchmark for other local authorities.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/politics/disgraced-rotherham-council-unveils-new-child-strategy-to-escape-past-1-7937570

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9 thoughts on “Disgraced Rotherham council unveils new ‘child strategy’ to escape past

    • Would no conscience and easy money answer the question… To be sure they ( the councilors concerned) won’t give account… It would be a first if they did….. MK007.


  1. What will Councilor Chris Read be remembered for…. Putting the disgraceful past behind him and…. wait for it…. moving on !


  2. If last weeks Cabinet/Commissioners meeting 26th May, was anything to go by I suspect Peter Thirlwall’s endorsement of Chris Read for leader in 2015 is something he has come to regret….Mr Read also attempts to put the ‘present as well as the past ‘ behind him too it appears…..


  3. Mr Thirwell recently made a di**hed of himself by insisting the Cabinet meeting had to be scrapped because the papers had not been published on the internet, and he hadn’t been able to read them…

    they had been published, and he didn’t know how to find them, despite everyone else having done so,…


    • Mary, I think there is a slight exaggration in your comment. True, Mr Thirlwall said he ‘couldn’t’ find the agenda for the meeting on-line and ‘if’ there had not been a publication of it then the meeting should be postponed until it was available for the public….He did NOT insist on scrapping the meeting…Clearly he made a mistake and admitted he couldn’t find it….This raises a question in my mind that only people with a computer and who can navigate the internet are informed of the meeting ….
      I think you deliberately missed a very important aspect of Mr Thirlwall’s question which did NOT receive an answer and which would have compromised the commissioners honesty on an important matter….Did the commissioner lie in an email to Mr Thirlwall or did he not….A simple yes or no answer was dodged around (I can only assume) with the purpose of baffling the general and presumably ignorant public of Rotherham to accept political spin for truth …
      Yesterday I viewed a 3 part doco on Panorama about Rotherhams CSE….For those who can navigate the internet I suggest a review of it…. To be sure, it makes Chris Reads and RMBCs announcement to ‘ put the past behind them’ an unpardonable offence to those betrayed children and families…. RMBC will be able to put the past behind them when all the children are able to do so and not before…..
      As for the title Dickhead Mary, I think it’s a cap that would fit many in crown in Rotherhams town hall….
      Straining gnats and swallowing camels is still and has been the business of RMBC for a very long time it seems…..


  4. Ha,ha,ha.
    I can always rely on RMBC to give my chuckle muscles a good workout.

    Another board to ‘monitor progress’. Will this board comprise of any councillors who were associated with or knew about the failed Childrens and Young Peoples Service?
    Both Jay and Casey highlight how well vulnerable young children were ‘monitored’ and ‘protected’ whilst supposedly under the care and control of RMBC.

    “too many” looked after children live in residential care and that more should be placed in family-based settings’.
    “The review makes it clear that both Silverwood and Cherry Tree House, although not deemed unsafe, do not provide the best possible homes for young people and that the council should now look to close them.

    Er, where will the children go if the families cannot cope or if a child does not settle in his/her new surroundings?
    An A+ for fudge and obscurity to RMBC.


    • 40 years ago Colin , my husband and I fostered a boy from a Salvation Army home… We already had 4 children and enjoyed frequent holidays in nice places…We thought we had good intentions but we clearly were ignorant of what it meant for the lad….He hated it …. Why ? because in the Salvation Army Home he was with his siblings. A nice home in pleasant surroundings meant nothing to him…..He didn’t care about the Christmas presents, the holidays or that we all tried our best to make him feel a member of the family….
      I now remember one Christmas with humour… The lad ran to the back door and biffed all his presents out and shouted ‘I want to go home”….We took him ‘home’
      There are some wonderful Foster parents that are completely dedicated to the welfare of a deprived child… There are also foster parents who are not and it goes on record the types of abuse that can happen in private homes undetected…..
      Bureaucrats, with the stroke of a pen , are not the best people to decide the fate of vulnerable children…. Wherever possible children need to be with their siblings (I can’t stress that enough) and if this is in an institution then that is the best place for them….. If the RMBCouncillors are in doubt then go ask the kids themselves and if they ignore the children’s expressed needs then once again they become perpetrators of abuse of a different kind…
      Seeing pics of Chris Read and Ms Hoddinot holding black ’empty’ rubbish bags and pick up sticks is one thing…. Sitting down with kids in institutions and asking them what their aspirations are and where they want to live and making their requests priority is the only way Chris Read , the commissioners and councilors can say then ( and only then ) Rotherham is a child centred borough.. Otherwise it’s just hot air eh……..


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