really do think we missed this one! What even Barnardo’s knew! What in July 2001.

Forget about the Police and RMBC failures,  the one that could have done the most… Barnardo’s, a national charity for the protection of children. So over the 16yr period covered by Jay ~ 80 to 100 children per year were sexually exploited, even they showed no vision to reduce the risk, how many of the subsequent ~1100 sexually exploited children could have been saved.

“In Rotherham alone for example, 80 girls are said to be working as prostitutes.”

“And experts say prostitution is rife in every major town and city.”

Mark Leigh of Barnardo’s runs a project working with rent boys at London Bridge.

He said: “I think that the sexual exploitation of children is actually spiraling out of control as we speak.”

“It’s our problem, it’s on our doorstep and we need to do something about it.”

The bleak picture.

“In Rotherham for example, it appears there is a highly organised network of pimps involving up to 80 girls, again some as young as 12.”

“And there is evidence that they are being transported from Rotherham to private addresses in red light districts as far afield as Bradford and Sheffield.”

Barnardo’s,  they knew that, and to say the BBC reported on the subject.

Don’t worry the truth is out there.


11 thoughts on “really do think we missed this one! What even Barnardo’s knew! What in July 2001.

  1. We keep getting told there is no statistics available on the true scale of the problem nationally, I beg to differ, archived at Barnardo’s. But don’t worry and I hope it is a part of the Goddard inquiry, those that failed in their duty of care, yes even charities.

    The very interesting point is apparently there are statistics on the subject, all forms of grooming account for ~2% of all child sexual abuse.

    Click to access how-safe-children-2014-indicator-04.pdf

    let’s put the Jay Report on the spot, out lines CSE (formerly known as grooming), we know that CSE was Jay reports calling card.

    So if Jay was underlining CSE only, any takers on the true scale of “ALL” child sexual abuse over the same 16yr period in Rotherham.

    We can’t hide any thing anymore.


  2. Every parent over the age of about 60 knows that our children have been systematically sexualized at an early age through music, movies and media and politicians for decades…Check out Former Labour Cabinet Politician Patricia Hewitt calls for age of consent to be lowered to ( wait for it 10) She was General Secretary to National Council for Civil Liberties NCCL from 1974 to 1983. She pledged protection and support for prominent paedophile group PIE… Ooops, now she says she made a mistake and says sorry…. The point is this, she was, along with other clever devils in power allowed to peddle her perverse her ideology of deviant behavior unhindered…..Parents were mortified but brainwashed into thinking politicians and Hollywood knew better than they did and they should ‘ get over it and get with the programme’…… Well Patricia Hewitt and hundreds like her in power have a burden of guilt that is equal to the perverts and deviants who were given licence to violate the children of today….It will take extraordinary people to reverse what has been happening for decades and it will be a long and slow uphill battle all the way…..The people who can do the job will not be ‘ policaly correct’ to be sure. They will need a backbone and iron jaw…
    Voters need to check out character and not political affiliations when voting but recent events show no sign of it yet….Parents need to take back the reigns and tell would be political meddlers to go…. etc etc…..


  3. “it will take extraordinary people to reverse what has been happening for decades….” Yes it will Linda – unfortunately we have only got Chris Read and his partner plus other old brigade deniers ! Nothing will change while ever they form the Cabinet in Town Hall Towers. I thought Myers and his lot were supposed to be keeping the Council under scrutiny ? Have they lost their glasses ?


    • Xinsider, I agree. I normally view RMBC council meetings by webcast from NZ….My interest being that I am from Tinsley and lived in Rotherham after we were married…. I loved my old home town to the degree that I even considered returning to Whiston to live out my retirement… I have dropped that idea for good……
      As I said in an earlier comment whenever we hear the from those in the Town Hall that they are ‘moving on’ or ‘putting the past behind them’ then there is a guarantee they are either hiding something or refusing to acknowledge and deal with something important…Chris Reads favourite and overused quotes…..It’s also a polite way of telling people who hold them to account to ‘get stuffed’
      Anyway, I have never at any time observed any Labour Councilor in whom I could say I would have a smidgen of confidence….Deficit in character and transparency they are…..If they were to view the webcast of their effort they probably would resign immediately head for the nearest cave and ten a garden for the rest of their lives…. But no….The pay must be good.
      Were it not for the enormous tragedy that has gathered worldwide attention I would watch the webcast for amusement only….. It’s genuinely funny tho tragic…


  4. More evidence that they knew and looked the other way!
    Anyone who thinks this episode is behind us, will turn out to be deluded!
    Lots more research to be done and police investigations to conclude, before this episode can start to be put behind us.
    The labour party has yet to rid Rotherham Labour Group of the ‘guilty one’s’, two fresh duds have been exposed only recently, there are more!
    It is high time labour addressed it’s serious issues in Rotherham and suspended them all, pending a much more thorough investigation, than they mounted last time.
    Labour’s investigation resulted in the favourites of Members of Parliament, turning up as labour candidates in May, despite knowing since 2005!


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