Exaggeration does their cause no good!

Rotherham motorcyclists with firearm smash car window in racially-motivated attack

Police are hunting for two men on a motorcycle who are believed to have been involved in a criminal damage incident in Rotherham, during which a woman was also racially abused and shown a small firearm.

The incident occurred in Swinton at around 2pm on Friday, when it is reported that a red and black motorcycle with two men riding it pulled alongside a black BMW in Warren Vale.

The men are believed to have made abusive and racist comments towards the woman driving the BMW, before one of the men is reported to have shown the woman what appeared to be a small firearm.

Note: No shots were fired!

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/rotherham-motorcyclists-with-firearm-smash-car-window-in-racially-motivated-attack-1-7937703

By the time it was reported on tellmama it was upgraded to a full shooting incident no less!

Shot Allegedly Fired at Young Female Muslim in the Rotherham Area

We received notice of an incident in the Rotherham area yesterday evening which according to the victim was said to have involved a firearm, (possibly a pellet gun), which was allegedly fired at a young Hijab wearing driver in the area. The incident led to the rear side window of the vehicle that the 24 year old Muslim female was driving, to shatter.

South Yorkshire police have interviewed the victim and having reviewed the damage to the vehicle, have concluded that a shot was not fired.

Rotherham has sadly become synonymous with the grooming scandal that affected over 1,000 young girls and we have previously written about the anti-Muslim hate incidents that have taken place in the town since late 2014. Tensions also recently rose between members of the local Muslim community and South Yorkshire police where a short-lived boycott on non-emergency police engagement took place because of strong feelings in the local British Muslim population that little was being done to tackle anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Read on… http://tellmamauk.org/shot-fired-young-female-muslim-rotherham-area/

A quick look round the site reveals amongst the ‘useful idiots’ Rotherham’s very own Muhbeen Hussain, click on image to read further:


Another of Muhbeen’s exaggerations?

Cabinet Member Accused of Divisive Community Politics

A motion has been circulated for consideration at Labour’s next Boston Castle Ward meeting, please read it at the bottom… What we have here is member of Cabinet, Taiba Hussain, promoting a motion that actively seeks to interfere with due … Continue reading

4 thoughts on “Exaggeration does their cause no good!

  1. Looks to me like the glass as been smashed from inside the car .maybe she doesnt want to tell her family what really went off


  2. “By the time it was reported on tellmama it was upgraded to a full shooting incident no less!”

    Sounds familiar

    “News Midlands News Birmingham City Centre
    Teenager fined for making up race attack claim after Paris terror strikes”


    Tell Mama – says it all about the diseased state of politically correct Britain that this charlatan is still given credence



    Mughal doesn’t seem to have much success with his legal endeavours

    “Mr Mughal took a British man, Tim Burton, to court for calling him a “mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”. That court appearance was on Tuesday (8th April): Tim Burton was acquitted.”



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