Calls to ban ‘silent march’ by Tommy Robinson’s Pegida group in Rotherham

Calls to ban ‘silent march’ by Tommy Robinson’s Pegida group in Rotherham

Representatives of the Muslim community in Rotherham have asked for the police to ban a march by an anti-Islamic group through Rotherham on Saturday.

The Pegida group, led by English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, is planning a ‘silent walk’ in the town on Saturday afternoon in relation to the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal.

But local councillors, business owners and groups such as British Muslim Youth, the Rotherham Muslim Community Forum and the Rotherham Council of Mosques have written to South Yorkshire Police interim chief constable Dave Jones calling for the demonstration to be stopped.

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9 thoughts on “Calls to ban ‘silent march’ by Tommy Robinson’s Pegida group in Rotherham

  1. If I formed the Rotherham WASP Community Forum do you think the Police and RMBC would give it any credence?
    It would have just as much validity as any of the groups mentioned above and with a bit of luck RMBC might give me a grant and a meeting room free.
    I wonder if Read would want a photo-op for the front pages of the ‘Star’ and the ‘Advertiser’ to strengthen his “diversity” credentials?


  2. The police are not worth talking to pal, there’s not a trusted copper in any part of Britain, they even helped the IRA bombers in Birmingham, (see a quality paper today) the BBC and other media are not running the story.


  3. It is too easy calling people Nazi. It ends any clash of ideas. Some on the left are prone to violence. also. To be right wing and nationalist does not make a Nazi. Unpleasant and nasty, yes, but not that unique monster, Nazism.
    Sorry if I offend.


  4. @pm
    I used the word ‘Nazi’ because of your reference to book burning and Kristallnacht, it was not an attempt to label anyone.
    No offence taken.


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