Pegida are coming!

More false information put out  by Muhbeen Hussain?




Police has “no powers” to stop Pegida UK march

A RIGHT wing march in Rotherham town centre will go ahead on Saturday despite concerns from businesses, politicians and campaigners because police have no powers to stop it.

Muslim leaders drew up a petition to South Yorkshire Police’s interim Chief Constable Dave Jones which was signed by more than 60 men and women, including charity bosses, councillors and business owners.

They want to keep anti-Islam group Pegida UK — led by EDL founder Tommy Robinson — out of town.

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500 extra officers to police Rotherham’s 16th far-right protest

AN EXTRA 500 police officers will be on the streets of Rotherham tomorrow as the town prepares for its 16th far-right protest in four years.

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No ban on Rotherham ‘anti-Islamisation’ march

Police in Rotherham have rejected calls by community groups to ban an “anti-Islamisation” protest in the town.

Members of the UK branch of Pegida intend to hold a “silent march” on Saturday.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Jason Harwin said there was “no criteria met to ban the march”.

Mr Harwin said the cost of policing the parade would be about £250,000 and would involve an extra 500 officers on duty.

A letter signed by 69 groups asked the police to call on the Home Secretary Theresa May to use her powers to prevent the procession from going ahead.

Mr Harwin said he “fully understood the frustrations” of some sections of the community.

“The issue for us is that we have to police within the law,” he said.

“The law does not give us any powers to stop a protest.”

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Actions have consequences, the previous occasion:

22 thoughts on “Pegida are coming!

  1. Only people with a very low IQ will believe what BMY spout. It seems the rally by the so called racists have a Pakistani speaker.


  2. That the police have mobilised 500 extra bodies on that day is indicative of the lack of leadership and vision. It is abundantly clear that the counter protesters will be the trouble causers. They have the right to protest but the police should concentrate their efforts on persuading them to protest on another day or be the subject of their containment and diversion tactics.


  3. Mr Fyaz’s statement that “Pediga is not a far-right group, nor is it a racist group” doesn’t sit comfortably with Pediga’s founder describing immigrants as “animals”, “scumbags” and “trash” before he posted a photo of a man in the Ku Klux Klan uniform with the slogan: “Three Ks a day keeps the minorities away.”

    Obviously the warmly-received comment about refugees, at its rally last October, regretting that “the concentration camps are unfortunately out of order at the moment” was just a little misunderstanding.

    The vast majority of businesses in the town centre – and the vast majority of Rotherham residents – don’t want this Pediga march any more than they wanted the last ones.


    • Majority of businesses in center or Muslim owned so they will object, however the majority of people want the protests to stop it been swept under carpet. If the left wing kept away there would be no trouble, going back to September it was the left wing who rioted on wellgate.


    • I didn’t know that about Pegida’s founder. Thank you! However I don’t give a damn about what the vast majority of businesses want. What makes you think that their opinions trump the right to free expression?
      Sure, we will be told that demos are not needed now that SYP and RMBC have learned their lessons but even were that true, and we all know it isn’t, that would be irrelevant too. Both groups have the right to protest, no ifs no buts. In any case how many of these businesses are taxi firms and takeaways that served as fronts for grooming?


      • Giles, they do have the right to protest, but:
        I can’t help feel that this is just Anne Marie Waters and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tom Robinson) together trying to take over as leaders of the main far-right, anti-Islam group in UK.
        They are simply using Rotherham as a stage on which they can those disreputable credentials. They have no more concern about what happened here over so many years than they have about the destruction of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

        PergidaUK is not even a franchise of Eastern Germany’s Pergida. It is just Yaxley-Lennon on his latest personality trip, … and he has he had a whole lot of those.

        Oswald Mosley almost certainly had far more credibility than either of those two.


        • I don’t doubt a word. You certainly won’t catch me going to either demo. The only time I will be turning out is if they ban demonstrations. I have only been on three demos in life and two of those I was dragged along to, though I was glad to be dragged to the Stephen Lawrence one as I heard a holocaust survivor speak. The only one I attended voluntarily was a legalise marijuana protest.


        • RR It’s Pegida, not Pergida, It is the first word of the subject title.

          “They have no more concern about what happened here over so many years than they have about the destruction of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.”

          Tommy Robinson, or Yaxley-Lennon to give him his rightful name has been bringing attention to Muslim grooming gangs since about 2009/2010, That would seem to indicate he’s not only concerned about them now, but has been for many years, A quick search bought up a video from 2011, whilst still in the EDL, where he discusses Muslim grooming gangs, takeaways etc.

          I’m pretty sure as far back as 2012 the EDL marched in Rotherham protesting grooming gangs , though I don’t know whether Robinson was still involved, either way the above video pre-dates that, and obviously shows his concerns on the subject.

          In any case, the powers that be have decided there are no grounds to ban the march, rightfully imho.


        • ” The only one I attended voluntarily was a legalise marijuana protest.”
          I’ve never been on a pro-cannabis rally myself – but I totally and utterly agree with the sentiment!

          … but look back and ask where would you have been on this, if you had been living in east London at the time:

          I last went out on that final day of the Brixton riot; just that day, and purely out of anger at the behaviour of the Met police ( not my favourite institution at the best of times).


        • I hope you know where I would have been! With the anti-fascists. But neither of the sides in this projected dust up can legitimately claim their mantle, though both are trying to.


    • Isn’t always the same, those who have something to hide, protest loudest. Perhaps you should ask your Pakistani friends, what they are doing to shop the vile monsters, walking about the town, who raped, abused and traffic innocent little white girls around , like commodities, for profit hey. Remember, NCA says there are 300 of these scumbags around, maybe more. His many GSCE been punished to date, 10-11? Stop defending the criminals and start thinking about the victims and their families.


    • Janet, I think you should speak for yourself. You say the “vast majority of Rotherham residents don’t want this Pediga march” when I believe, from talking to Rotherham residents, they can understand the anger of these people and actually support their views in many ways. The general feeling in Rotherham is that the Pakistani communities in particular are STILL allowed to bulldoze their way through our laws and the Courts, totally ignoring the wishes of the majority and the laws of the land. It is time legislation was passed which actually supports the indigenous majority and tells the Muslims that they are welcome here BUT only if they comply with our laws, way of life and respect OUR culture which they don’t.
      Only last week we had Muslim councillors trying to Pervert the Course of Justice by passing a motion in an effort influence and divert justice for the people against the rioting Muslim scum who attacked our police!!


  4. I’d like to know what a radius attack is, but on a more serious note, one of the signatories to the “Ban Pegida” letter Fiyaz Mughal is a thoroughly discredited individual who runs an organisation which has lost several court cases it’s initiated when faced with claims it’s hate figures are made up and/or vastly exaggerated, if memory serves me rightly last year Muhbeen himself also wheedled his way onto the board of that organisation, I believe it had it’s government funding withdrawn ?

    Given the lengths we’ve seen the mostly Muslim population of Rotherham go to in order to either directly conceal CSE altogether, or at least to place obstacles in the paths of those seeking to expose it I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn at some point that the “hijab wearing sister attacked with a gun” incident turns out to be completely false, It wouldn’t be the first time, If not, hasn’t it happened at a convenient point in time.

    I’ve never been on a Pegida march, circumstances dictated I missed the one I had planned to attend, I’m told however, by people I trust implicitly that they are peaceful, but that hard left wing elements do try & infiltrate & provoke in order to stir things up & discredit them, It is a silent march and there is no valid reason for it not to be allowed, other than, as Mr Mohammed Fiyaz states, to silence those who have genuine concerns & wish to demonstrate their strength of feeling in a peaceful, lawful way.

    My feeling is that the Muslim community at large have had things their own way, for want of a better phrase, for far to long and are now becoming more desperate, particularly in the guise of Muhbeen, his “boycott” being one case in point, and his misplaced efforts to thwart justice in the case of the “Rotherham 12” being another. They don’t seem to mind when there are large gatherings of protesting taxi drivers, wonder why ?

    That facebook call to arms seems to me to contain more veiled threats and scaremongering than anything Pegida might have to say on the day.


  5. Janet .RR im a rawmarsh lad and no one as asked me , my family, my mates if they agree r disagree with this march so how can anyone claim that most residents are against it ? Janet please show me your report were most the residents are against the march PLEASE


  6. It’s Muhbeen’s maniacs that are the ones that worry me? They might be best advised to be on their best behaviour tomorrow.


    • Ive been dragged to protests and from what ive seen its the anti protesters what start the trouble especially that on wellgate and the first time edl came to town uaf protesters stood near old tesco shouting abuse to provoke it and it is a bit disgrunteled when police try to box every one in and ive seen videos of pegida marches in europe and they have been peacefull its ok for the anti demonstrators to protest where they want but not every one else no matter what people say or do they will always be protests on grooming will never go away


  7. Yawn! Yet another Islamic apologist on the internet. Don’t you ever get tired of excusing this vile religion. Not everyone who opposes your limp wristed hand wringing is a racist. Have yet to see any member of the EDL behead someone in the street.

    In the unlikely event that they do, will you be assuring everyone that not ALL EDL members are savages and that those responsible have nothing to do with right wing politics?

    Of course you won’t. Back to sleep with you.


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