Sports Direct’s Abuse and Exploitation

Dear colleagues

Many of you will have caught this morning’s select committee hearing on working practices at Sports Direct.

For those of you who did not, or who did but wish to see it again, here is the link to the hearing online plus some of the initial coverage it generated.

It is worth remembering that this hearing has only come about as a result of the intense pressure on the company exerted by our union’s industrial and community campaign.

We are now a step closer to winning justice for these workers.

Please keep supporting them in their fight.

With thanks

Unite campaigns team

BIS select committee Sports Direct working practices
Online coverage: 

Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley admits paying staff less than minimum wage

The Sports Direct Shambles Shows Why the Law Alone Will Never Protect Workers

Mike Ashley says Sports Direct ‘too big’ for him to monitor working conditions

Mike Ashley admits Sports Direct workers paid below minimum wage and on ‘pre-paid debit cards’

Sports Direct worker ‘gave birth in the toilets’ because of ‘culture of fear’ in warehouse

Mike Ashley admits he can’t control Sports Direct

Mike Ashley admits to paying Sports Direct staff below the minimum wage

Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley tells MPs: ‘I’m not Santa’

Mike Ashley slammed for ‘exploitation’ at MPs’ grilling

9 thoughts on “Sports Direct’s Abuse and Exploitation

  1. Its far more than the workers, as I spoke to a lady who said that local people couldn’t get proper jobs there, as all they were offering are 25 hour a week zero hour contracts. Pop down into Shirebrook and see how it has decimated the town centre. There is a massive warning sign in the middle of town, telling immigrants from his factory what they can’t do in the town centre, its written in Russian. Half the shops have been closed down, I thought it was early day closing, until the lady assured me it wasn’t. There are gangs of people hanging around and it feels very uncomfortable. Ashley is referred to as him, he’s like a 19th century mill owner, with no regard for the community he has destroyed.


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