Family Values

Rotten Boroughs today, features Rotherham once again:

Scan_20160608 (2)


5 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. Spot on prognosis by the eye.

    Nepotism reigns on the fire authority too with the former disgraced chairman’s place being taken by his partner.

    His vice chair cllr alan atkins used his usual feeble excuse of I did not know owt about CSE or overtime payments. He clung onto his job and grubby payments.


  2. Atkins Knew now’t about CSE was he not at the seminar in 2005 run by the now labour councillor Jane Senior the eleged whistle blower who Jay said any one who attended that seminar could not say they did not know
    The old saying comes to minde if you can’t beat them join them


  3. When the leader appointed his “live in partner” to the Cabinet, did he follow the RMBC Code of Conduct and declare a “personal interest” ?. Did he also consider that his position may have warranted his exit from the room in order that he could not influence the debate.
    There again, non of this is an issue, because the Standards Committee will not investigate nor sanction any Labour Councillor, even when they break the Law. RMBC need to answer the question as to why a complaint made against the then Cllr Simms, that she broke the Law was not even put to a panel to decide if she should be investigated.
    And we all keep getting told that the Commisioners have sorted RMBC out.


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