Shaun Wright referred to Parliament!

The Police and Crime Panel met this morning and decided to refer Wright’s case back to Keith Vaz and the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Watch it yourself when you want:

Rotherham scandal: Claims Shaun Wright misled MPs set to be referred to Parliament

Claims that disgraced former police commissioner Shaun Wright misled MPs about what he knew of Rotherham’s abuse scandal are potentially set to be referred to Parliament.

Members of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel voted in favour of passing the matter to Parliament after learning they would be powerless to take any action against Mr Wright themselves.

But legal adviser Stuart Fletcher said a referral would only follow ‘checking’ that the matters had not already been investigated by the office of new commissioner Alan Billings.

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13 thoughts on “Shaun Wright referred to Parliament!

  1. I have never seen such a disorganised farce in my life, how the hell can this rabble scrutinise anything, they have no rules no guidelines to work to, Billings must be laughing his socks off. This is typical RMBC, Rubbish Moronic Boffoon Clowns.
    Dave Smith


    • To Dave

      Look no further than Stuart Fletcher in Legal Services.

      Absolutely not up to the job and was quickly side lined into Electoral Services soon after Commissioners arrived. Him and his previous boss; Jacqueline Collins were a pair of lazy incompetents and influenced by their bidders.

      ‘Incompetent’ is too mild a description for Fletcher. His advice has been in breach of the Solicitors Regulatory Body and the new Chief Executive should be careful this doesn’t become another national scandal.

      Fletcher does not know the law on most things. Dreadful reputation. Don’t take his word for anything as it will be incorrect and the he will all too quickly give you the usual lazy cop out.

      Don’t take his word, get his advice checked out and it will always come unstuck. I know.
      When challenged he wriggles and reels but you can soon expose his incorrect interpretations of the law before being sidelined by Commissioners to a ‘safer’ pen pushing job.


  2. Still some wriggle room then, but a step in the right direction. And I doubt investigating lying to Parliamen Is a responsibility of Dr Billings.


  3. Left hand, right hand. What a complete farce. Whilst the Chairman said he is new, I recall he was an elected Cllr before may this year. Who was actually running the meeting, because he most certainly was not. Its evident he was not chosen for his skills as a Chairman so how did he get the nomination ? ( not because he was Labour by any chance) And please remember, this Cllr is probably being paid an extra £10,000 on top of his wage of £12,000 to chair this fiasco.
    And we keep getting told the Commissioners have sorted RMBC out!!.
    Its now abundantly clear that a PCC is accountable to no one if they lie their A*rse off. If they lie to the government they will “rarely” punished.


  4. I note Mr Fletcher`s attendance, giving legal advice. This was the very same person who conducted an investigation against myself. He chose to only interview three of the four labour witnesses ( who did not see the event) and the two Members of the Public (who also did not see the event) who were beholden to the Labour Cllrs financially. He “forgot” to ask or interview any of my witnesses. ( out of a room of 40 people) And at the hearing panel acted as the prosecution officer for the Head of Legal Services, Mrs Collins.
    I have now been informed that if I wish to see the NOTES ( because no minutes were taken) to my Hearing Panel inquiry, I have to swear secrecy in order to not reveal what happened or why I walked out of the inquiry.
    I asked for an interview withe the Chief Commissioner, I was fobbed off.
    RMBC back to square one.


    • You have got issues though haven’t you Thorny…. would you be able to direct readers to the past webcast of your full council performance; you were beautiful that day!


  5. RMBC’s recent webcasts clearly demonstrate that Rotherhams apathy in re-electing a Labour Council is so richly rewarded in the present council… If in doubt view the public question time webcast…..
    Peter Thirlwall’s bulls..t detector is working very well in the public question time. He never gets an answer to simple yes and no questions….He reminds me of my fox terrier… He just keeps on coming… I find it amusing watching them squirm… Somebody has to do it !


  6. I am absolutely appalled by this farce. If it wasn’t such a serious matter I would say it’s more laughable than a Christmas pantomime but in reality it is actually more scary than the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Rotherham hasn’t got a hope of ever redeeming itself while we’ve got clowns like this running the show. Everyone who voted for these jokers should be made to watch this. The problem is the majority of voters do not understand the implications of their vote in a local election. They just vote for their preferred national party and then forget about it until they are asked again to put their cross against whatever’s wearing red – in Rotherham that is. Unless something happens that directly affects them they just carry on regardless. Dr Billings must be laughing up his sleeve cause after today’s performance he knows the panel haven’t got a clue how to hold him to account and the fact that he used the ex chairs partner as his election agent will just get forgotten and how that isn’t a conflict of interest I really don’t know!


  7. The chair of this meeting seemed to lack the basic ability to read ….and had to be continually prompted with what to say … how can he hold such a position ? …what an embarrassment Rotherham clrs are … was really awkward viewing knowing that these clowns are supposed to make decisions for the good of the people in Rotherham … I would not trust these muppets to run a bath let alone a town….


  8. I am reminded of Chris Reads maiden speech on being elected leader of the council… I knew immediately he was wet behind the ears and had the naivety of youth in thinking he could cure Rotherhams ills with what he termed as new strategies…. Old ways of dealing with lies, corruption , crime, and appalling abuse of children according to Mr Read needed the fresh ideas….What a complete ass he made of himself….See what difference he’s made in 5 years… I’d lay bets….nothing or maybe worse.


  9. just re read the transcript of the Vaz show and not sure if a rerun with the same script will contribute anything positive – Shaun Wright’s written evidence points to his role in trying (but failing?) to improve the South Yorkshire police response to CSE of course that would be tainted so here’s a few news clippings:

    Jan 2013

    “Extra officers are being drafted in to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation”

    June 2013

    “In Barnsley we have now got a specific detective who looks at child sexual exploitation as a full time job and that role has come from funding from (Police and Crime )Commissioner Shaun Wright’s budget….”

    Aug 2013

    “In August 2013, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Yorkshire Police commissioned Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to provide:
    an independent assessment of the effectiveness and resilience of the current arrangements in place within South Yorkshire Police to protect children from sexual exploitation and recommendations for improvement.”

    Nov 2013

    “But it said the force’s efforts, including PCC Shaun Wright investing an extra £500,000 a year to pay for 10 detectives and an analyst to tackle child sexual exploitation, had so far seen “mixed success”

    July 2014

    “HMIC says South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright has “invested considerably” in the force’s response to child sexual exploitation (CSE).
    Thirty extra staff have been taken on at a cost of £1.5 million”


  10. Farce doesn’t even begin to describe this webcast meeting. We have a Chair who seems to have trouble with the language , written or spoken : Who proposed him and seconded him ? There appeared to be a sound loss at this point. We hear , at Point 14, About “complaints against the “former PCC who cannot be named, regarding matters which cannot be mentioned” – This reminded me of the description of Asian taxi drivers as “persons of ethnicity performing a particular job” PC bullsh*t that happened during the Stone days (or should I say Age ?). We have a newly elected Cllr who doesn’t know what the complaints made referred too ! If she has sufficient interest in local politics to stand for office I can only assume she was on holiday on the Moon when Wright appeared before the HoC Select Committee and seemed to develop amnesia when asked about his knowledge of CSE in the town or speaking, it is said at length, . to one of the victims. The only person at this meeting was the Cllr who said that the webcast would give the impression of the meeting being a shambles ! I second that. I would suggest that the entire panel is dissolved and replaced by one with written rules etc and staffed by persons who are up to the job.(if there are any).


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