Some labour must have missed

Snail mail has also provided us with another interesting piece on the ‘due diligence’ failure at the heart of labour group, read it and weep.


As this is a political matter, perhaps it should be asked of Chris Read, our MPs and the Labour party, rather than Sir Derek.

4 thoughts on “Some labour must have missed

  1. I think that lessons have been leant and progress is being made. The three on the Cabinet are in my opinion more capable than other councillors in the talent pool. I have been impressed with Beck on many occasions and I guess at some point he will be the leader of the council someday. Let’s see how the next four years unfold.


  2. “impressed with Beck on many occasions”

    You obviously never saw him doing Chairman impersonations at APC. His claim to fame is calling the police to eject a disabled pensioner-which failed miserably as it was pointed out to him by a police officer he had closed the meeting beforehand.
    On numerous occasions he stopped legitimate debate particularly when members of the public directed questions about CSE to Burton and Dalton.
    I think you’re easily impressed if you think Beck is a rising star.


  3. I think L Joseph is a joker. Beck is the epitome of the Labour nodding dog in Rotherham. He has no life skills or profession outside of local government, cannot make a decision for himself, does not listen to the people and is extremely incompetent. So yes you’re probably right L Joseph he may well end up as the leader of Rotherham Council.


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