Lies, Damn Lies and Rotherham Labour Group

Here we go again…a Labour group that evades the truth to protect itself, and the usual cry of traitors in the camp, who “leaked” Yasseen’s efforts to get charges dropped against the self named “Rotherham 12:”

A group of Kashmiri men arrested and charged with acts of alleged violence against the Police during a not-so peaceful protest on Wellgate.

In today’s Advertiser Chris Read, Leader of the Council supports Cllr Taiba Yasseen  describing her seconding of a motion asking the Boston Castle Labour Ward to demand the dropping of those charges, as her merely  agreeing to a discussion about the violence.

In the Advertiser Chris Read said;

“Cllr Yasseen agreed to a discussion about the events on Wellgate, far right protests and the fallout from these….she did not agree the form of words.”

I think his statement is of course rubbish, and if not  deliberately deceitful then he has to explain how Cllr Yasseen could possibly allow her name to be associated with a motion without her even reading it?  And how in the eight days between the Ward meeting and it being emailed to her and over 100 Ward members, did not request its withdrawal? A two minute job given the existence of an email database.

He also has to explain why Yasseen had a nonofficial party meeting with some supporters of the motion and the 12 to explain how she had been forced by Labour Regional office to pull it [NB She did not do so willingly] and advise that therefore they shouldn’t attend the Ward meeting.

Then explain what is going to happen to the motions apparent real author,  the dim but pleasant enough Ward Chairman Jonathon Smith. Who according to Read and Yasseen’s excuse must have composed and had circulated a motion that she hadn’t even have read. Never mind seconded.

A motion that was both an attempt to interfere with the course of justice and deeply divisive. A motion that would receive little support from the Kashmiri community as a whole, never mind the predominantly white community in that Ward.

Now you may ask who ever takes notice of Boston Castle Labour Ward? But remember the real target was the Constituency Labour Party as motions before CLP have to go through a Ward first. If successful, and with the Kashmiri sleeping voters this was likely, it would have placed the Party and especially Sarah Champion MP in a very awkward political position.

Imagine if this had become official Party policy in Rotherham.

The problem with the local Labour Party leadership is their incredible combination of dis-honesty, stupidity and willingness to blame others for their own shortcomings. Like the leak, for which they should be grateful in that it staved off an even greater problem had it reached CLP.

Cllr Read has now allowed himself to become embroiled in dissembling and economy with the truth, to support a Cabinet member he appointed with little evidence of her political ability. A Cabinet member who has ducked and dived on issues such as Taxi and landlord regulation, and whose commitment to representing all her Wards citizens must now be questioned.

Yasseen should now at least be honest and apologise for a misjudgement. But she won’t.

She supports the Rotherham 12, just as she defacto supports the Landlords complaints about registration and the taxi drivers concerns about CCTV.

She tried a sleight of hand to get a motion supported by Boston castle Ward, as a device (think Trojan Horse) to also gain support from the Constituency Labour Party. A much bigger win from the 12’s viewpoint.

She failed, and in then dissembling about the truth has proved herself unfit for Cabinet Office. Even worse she has now embroiled the Party and Council Leader in a probable deception to support her.

Mary B


“This ward party/CLP recognises that the men known as the ‘Rotherham 12’ have been charged with violent disorder. The ward/CLP further recognises that this serious charge has been indiscriminately applied to all 12 men. The charge fails to recognise that those accused were defending their children, relations and community.

When two sides are in conflict one is the aggressor and the other the defender. Both may look the same but their motives are entirely different. The far right were looking to indiscriminately attack Asian Muslims. Those unfortunately and randomly picked upon were left with no choice but to defend themselves.

All the Rotherham 12 come from the local community. The far right from many other towns. There is no equivalence in their actions. Consequently, this ward/CLP expresses support and solidarity to the Rotherham 12 and calls for the serious charge of violent disorder to be dropped and the case to be reviewed.”

Proposed: Jonathan Smith

Seconded: Cllr Taiba Yasseen ”


Cabinet Member Accused of Divisive Community Politics

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2 thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies and Rotherham Labour Group

  1. Many years ago Labour politicians-of both sexes-were forthright, honest and believed in their party’s values.
    These days Labour’s representatives are Devious, two faced and in thrall to spin doctors and Cllr Taiba Yasseen has the temerity to think she has the monopoly on virtue and truth.
    Bad news for you girl; You don’t. What you do have is the ability to drag your constituents and your party further into the gutter by trying to defend the indefensible.
    Chris Read has got more turns than a corkscrew and in attempting to save face-instead of admitting he is guilty of an Upcockus Tremendous by appointing this harridan-he makes himself look even weaker.
    His political chances of moving up probably means he’ll find a quiet darkened room in the attic where he can contemplate his navel and ponder: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
    Look in the mirror sunshine.


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